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The Danger Of Data Tampering

Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central released this fraudulent map showing Midwest winters getting hot, which is based on tampered thermometer data. Here’s Where Winters Are Warming the Most | Climate Central The actual data shows Midwest winters are getting colder. And … Continue reading

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What Global Warming Looks Like

In 1992, global warming meant warm winters in Iowa. 08 Mar 1992, 36 – The Courier at Newspapers.com In 2006, global warming meant endless summer in the Northeast. With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – The New York Times … Continue reading

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Coldest Temperature On Record In Illinois

The previous record was -37F set in 2009.   Several similar temperatures nearby. Link NOAA, which wants to see fossil fuels banned, predicted global warming would keep people in Illinois warm this winter. Winter Outlook favors warmer temperatures for much … Continue reading

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Coldest Afternoon On Record At Aurora, Illinois

Climate Reanalyzer As I have been predicting, today was the coldest afternoon on record at Aurora, Illinois. The maximum temperature today was -15F, beating their previous coldest day by three degrees.  Aurora has had forty-four days since 1895 which never … Continue reading

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The Orwellian World Of The Left

So much of left wing thought is a kind of playing with fire, by people who don’t even know that fre is hot. George Orwell Beth refuses to reduce her fossil fuel usage in an emergency, while simultaneously complaining that … Continue reading

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