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New Video : Climate Bi-Polar Disorder

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Hiding The Antarctic Sea Ice

I frequently write about how climate alarmists hide Arctic sea ice data prior to 1979, but now they are hiding Antarctic data too – claiming  a record low January extent. S_20190104_conc_v3.0.png (420×500) As is invariably the case with climate alarmists, … Continue reading

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Declining Snow Cover Update

It is early January, and the western US is buried in deep snow already, with lots more on the way. Ventusky – Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps Climate experts say declining snow cover is a “notable finding.” It is pouring … Continue reading

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Alarmists Move The Clown Show South

With the Arctic sea ice scam collapsing, climate alarmists are moving their clown show south. There was less ice in 1976, at the peak of the ice-age scare. Steve Goddard on Twitter: “There was almost no sea ice around Antarctica … Continue reading

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