Obama : We Can’t Drill Our Way To Lower Gas Prices

Gas was $4 per gallon when Obama made this speech.

This is what I paid tonight.  Thank you President Trump.

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22 Responses to Obama : We Can’t Drill Our Way To Lower Gas Prices

  1. Don says:

    The left will never understand.

    • Lance says:

      and they continue to stop our pipelines from being built too!

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        One of the main reasons Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline was to repay Warren Buffet, one of his biggest contributors and owner of BNSF railway. Shipping oil via pipelines is the safest way to transport it by far, while shipping it by train is incredibly dangerous. As a result of Obama’s decision, crude oil that would have been safely transported through the pipeline was instead carried by Buffet’s oil trains. Here’s a partial list of derailments that spilled crude oil that would have, and should have been transported safely through the Keystone pipeline:

        July 2013, Lac-Megantic, Quebec: Sixty-three tank cars derail and spill more than 1.3 million gallons of oil. Forty-seven people are killed and 30 buildings are destroyed.

        December 2013, Casselton, ND: An oil train derailment spills 400,000 gallons of oil, most of which burns.

        February 2015, Beckley, W.Va.: An oil train hauling North Dakota crude derails destroying a house and forcing the evacuation of two towns.

        February 2015, Gogama, Ontario: 29 cars carrying crude oil derail and spill oil.

        March 2015, Gogama, Ontario: 39 tanker cars loaded with crude oil derail and catch fire. The fire burns for five days, and the spilled oil eventually reaches Kazaway Lake.

        March 2015, Galena, IL.: A BNSF Railway train loaded with crude oil derails and catches fire.

        June 3, 2016, Columbia River Gorge: An oil train with 96 tank cars derails and spills 42,000 gallons of oil into the Columbia River.

        June 2018, Doon, Ia.: An oil train derails spilling 230,000 gallons of crude oil spill into the Rock River and forcing nearby residents to evacuate.

  2. Larry Geiger says:

    Nice one. Very, very nice! Thanks.

  3. Luke of the D says:

    But, but, but… you didn’t build that! Someone else made that happen! That someone is your friendly petroleum engineer, rig operators, geologists, and capitalists. You are welcome!

  4. Gator says:

    Really shows you who the deniers are.

    Walls don’t keep people out.

    Chromosomes don’t matter.

    Police are the root of all violence.

    Plant food will end all life on planet Earth…

  5. Pathway says:

    A lot of the drilling was under Obama’s regime but no thanks to his policies. Thank God for private property.

  6. GW Smith says:

    Boy, am I glad he’s gone! The arrogance of ignorance personified!

  7. Stevcen Parker says:

    But Trump didn’t build that energy infrastructure. Someone else made that happen.

  8. John Madden says:

    I remember during the 2008 presidential campaign when the “drill baby drill” slogan came out that the dems kept saying “that won’t work. It’ll take at least 10 years.” That was the same line they were using in the 1990’s during Clinton’s terms. Behold 10 years later. The US is finally energy independent and gas prices are back to 2008 levels (except California which doesn’t believe in decreases). Drill Baby Drill Worked Baby Worked.

  9. Mohatdebos says:

    Can anyone recall an American President who could lie and deceive as well as Obamasiah?

  10. paul courtney says:

    Still say Obama is luckiest man on the face of the earth..earth…earth….earth. He launched his war on coal with no idea that price of nat. gas was about to drop. He was expecting to drive up the price of coal and make wind/solar “competitive.” If his staffers foresaw it, they would have stopped fracking but they failed (the rent-a-mob was busy stopping pipelines for Warren Buffet). Electricity prices would have gone skyrocketing as Obama predicted and wanted, but it was easy to convert to NG and cost about same as coal (maybe less- no ash disposal cost). It all happened before Obama knew what hit him. If entire country saw electric bills spiking up in 2010-12, even Mitt Romney could have beaten him, he would have been Jimmy Carter II.

  11. gregole says:

    I don’t miss President Soooper Genius:


    “Energy: Has any politician ever been more wrong than Barack Obama was about U.S. oil production and energy independence? Based on the latest report from the International Energy Agency, the answer is unequivocally no.”

    Truly a dim-wit. Monumental ignorance. And he was president for eight long years.

    “…the International Energy Agency forecasts that the U.S. will account for 75% of the growth in global oil production through 2025.”

    “It was also never supposed to happen. At least not if you’d been listening to President Barack Obama. For eight years, Obama told the country over and over again that the U.S. would forever be dependent on foreign countries for oil. And that the only hope for energy independence was to heavily subsidize “renewable energy” like wind and solar.”

    And know what? He was wrong. Eight years. President. We survived. I’m so glad he’s gone.

  12. gregole says:


    If I recall, never once did President Obama recognize the important contribution of the oil industry in innovating and creating the frakking revolution. I believe he only once visited the Dakotas, but it was to commiserate with the native Americans there; not in any way recognize the amazing achievements of the oil industry in that part of our country.

    I would consider him the worst president in our history; but I actually never considered him an American President. He was only in office to attempt to destroy the country. Why? I don’t know. But he was horrible.

  13. Eben says:

    Better look around , there are many more Obamas on the way in

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