The CO2 Control Knob

In this brainless, incoherent article by Jeff Masters of Weather Underground, Richard Alley states that CO2 is the climate control knob, and then immediately explains that it isn’t.

There’s no doubt that the ice ages are paced by the orbits“, says Dr. Alley. “No way that the orbit knows to dial up CO2, and say ‘change’. So it shouldn’t be terribly surprising if the CO2 lags the temperature change. The temperature never goes very far without the CO2. The CO2 adds to the warming. How do we know that the CO2 adds to the warming? It’s physics!”

The Biggest Control Knob: CO2 in Earth’s Climate History | Category 6™ | Weather Underground

His largely irrelevant and wildly deceptive statement “The temperature never goes very far without the CO2” should be enough to get him banned from any serious discussion about anything. In the historical record, changes in atmospheric CO2 are a reaction to temperature change of the oceans – not the cause of them.

One of my favorite places in New Mexico is Chaco Canyon. Pueblo Bonito housed 1,200 people, and was abandoned after a 70 year long drought, apparently caused by 13th century SUV’s.

I found this interesting article in the National Geographic archives.


The National Geographic Archive | September 1925 | page 1

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32 Responses to The CO2 Control Knob

  1. arn says:

    Sun temperatures:
    Surface: 5700 C
    Coree:15 million.

    There must be a hell lot of co2 there when temperatures can go that far.

    96% co2
    average tempretature -55 C.
    Some evil green men must have broken the controle knob there long time and threw it at Mr Alleys head and hit him very hard.

  2. gregole says:

    Physics. Uh huh. Statistics. Uh huh.

    Where’s my ice-free Arctic?
    Why isn’t Manhattan under water?
    How come Phoenix, Arizona is still livable – in fact the largest city in the fastest growing county in America.

    CO2 is a control knob that controls precisely what? It’s currently up to over 400 ppm.

    Incoherent. Good choice of adjective.

  3. Roaddog says:

    The 13th century suv comment had me rolling on the floor.
    Btw Tony, did you register your semiautomatic with the People’s Republic?

  4. Bob Hoye says:

    The Chaco agriculture must have been efficient in order to afford to pay for the labor to produce those beads.

  5. R Shearer says:

    I wonder why glacial periods begin with CO2 at high levels?

  6. John of Cloverdale, Western Australia says:

    “It’s physics!” Or, maybe chemistry?

    • Anon says:

      Even Gavin Schmidt is not sure:

      Take for example the Eocene, some 30 million years ago, the warmest period in recent Earth history where atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rose above 700 ppm and palm trees and crocodile-like animals thrived in near Arctic latitudes. Climate models have a hard time explaining how the Eocene could be so warm at the poles even with CO2 concentrations much higher than today. “We’re either looking at new feedbacks that kick in in the polar regions at high temperatures, possibly associated with vegetation and aerosols or hazes,” Schmidt says. Or “it could be exotic physics that happens.”

      • TimA says:

        That’s one step away from “extraterrestrial physics”….but on par with “voodoo physics”

        • Anon says:

          It hurt my head to read that… literally.

          • David A says:

            “Climate models have a hard time explaining how the Eocene could be so warm at the poles even with CO2 concentrations much higher than today. “

            Well yes Gavin, especially since CO2 followed the T increase all the way. Let them try and do that with their climate model after incorporating the CO2 rise LAGGING T by 50 to 300 years.

      • gregole says:

        Exotic Physics?

        If these imbeciles didn’t have word-play they’d have nothing.

      • Hivemind says:

        “Climate models have a hard time explaining how the Eocene could be so warm at the poles even with CO2 concentrations much higher than today”

        So who gave this bozo a PHD? Who is still giving him grant money? Faced with evidence that his models don’t work and therefore are wrong, he still pushes this insane belief system.

  7. rah says:

    I wonder why the necklace, obviously a very valuable item, was left behind if it was not associated with a grave?

    • Stewart Pid says:

      I had that thought too and figured it was hidden for safe keeping and then the person was dead or unable to return for another reason & so the necklace stayed hidden.

      • rah says:

        A likely hypothesis. Another is that it was buried due to the threat of attack. When times get tough tribes turn on each other to fight for the limited resources needed for survival.

  8. Anon says:

    Even anyone wants to explore something beyond the CO2 control knob, check this out:

    Soon has data that shows a correlation between Sun’s interior orbit (chaotic and ordered phases) and the Maunder, Dalton and Sporer Minimums…

  9. John Edmondson says:

    CO2 follows temperature change as ice ages start and end.
    Orbital parameters mean there is less solar radiation to melt the snow in high northern latitudes. As per Milanokovic.

    As more snow accumulates into an ice sheet, the albedo of the Earth increases. This increases the amount of the sun’s radiation reflected straight back into space.

    It gets colder. CO2 in the atmosphere reduces as per Henry’s law.

    Ice continues to accumulate , but does not end up as a snowball Earth. The climate system reaches an equilibrium in it’s glacial state.


    2 important factors.

    Orbital parameters favour increased solar radiation at high northern latitudes (opposite to start conditions).
    CO2 has dropped to 180ppm, which low enough to cause vegetation die back in marginal regions (central Asia). This results in large quantities of dust to be carried from the die back regions to the ice caps , greatly reducing their reflectivity.

    It gets warmer , the ice caps begin to melt. The reduced Albedo of the Earth now increases solar radiation retained by the Earth. The climate reaches equilibrium again in its “Interglacial state”

    This explains why ice ages end quickly.

    The greenhouse effect of the changing CO2 levels would have zero to a minimal contribution.

    Ironically it is the vegetation die back which is the key event.

    To our alarmists friends, there is a consolation. After the next ice age the starting point of CO2 will be much higher, so there will be no vegetation die back. So the next ice will last forever.

    • Anon says:

      It really is not any different than mercury volume following temperature in a glass thermometer, is it? (maybe as we are now in the digital age, people have forgotten about those?)

      • John Edmondson says:

        Exactly Anon.

        The alarmist explanation for the ice age cycle controlled by CO2 (eventually) is best described as being completely preposterous.

        For example if CO2 was in control, the cycle would be symmetrical.
        It isn’t, the cool down takes much longer than the warm up.

  10. scott allen says:

    Remember back in 2013 when they were trying to explain “the pause” in global warming Josh Willis, who is a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory published a story in a peer reviewed paper, that said the deep oceans were hiding the effects of global warming (there are other studies as well, that were published to explain the pause).

    • rah says:

      Both hypotheses make about as much sense to me as the old saying:

      “Still Waters run deep”

    • arn says:

      Oceans stole my global warming (TM)

      The same oceans that hide the sea level rise(obviously at the same place they hide the global warming.
      They are to AGW what Grinch is to christmas.

      • rah says:

        Well there may not be thermal nuclear energy in the deep oceans, but as far as the SSTs go in the equatorial Pacific the Modoki El Nino has arrived.

        Hold on folks, here in the eastern half of the US and get ready to batten down the hatches and get the wood for your fires laid in. If you think that the folks in the SW have been having winter fun, we in the Ohio Valley, North East and East Central are in for our turn starting about the middle of this month and going right into March. Looking like the worst of the worst will come in the middle of Feb.

  11. spike55 says:

    Weird loonie on JoNova, is trying to tell me that sea level rise is empirical proof of warming by atmospheric CO2. BIZARRE !!!! :-)

    Zero Evidence, calls to authorities, etc etc

    Total LOONIE.

    Such fun to what him running around like a headless chook.

    Feel free to join in. ;-)

  12. BobW in NC says:

    And anthropogenic CO2 accounts for only (approx.l 4% of all emitted each year!

    • Hivemind says:

      I thought it was 5%, but would love to see your source.

      • BobW in NC says:

        Have seen 5% too. 4% seemed to be an average that well represented multiple values I’ve come across. The 2004 IPCC AR4 report had values showing 2.9%. Lost the link, though. Ugh!

  13. Tony R. says:

    Jeff Masters ‘blogs at Weather Underground. He doesn’t like it when I poke holes in his alarmist posts.

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