The Stupid Is Strong With This One

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  1. Menicholas says:

    It takes a two thirds vote by both houses of congress, and then must be ratified by three quarters of the states within a proscribed period of time.
    Two thirds of states will not do it.
    But it hardly matters…no small state would vote to end their ability to have a say in Presidential elections, unless it is one of the few that are controlled by the mindless idiot party.

  2. Rufus Maximus says:

    Dear God the stupid is strong with this one. I just hope the uncut crazy sticks to them long enough to get to 2020.

    • arn says:

      This is not stupid,
      but just one of many steps to strengthen the grip around people necks so that they have no way out of tyranny.
      Just another way to eliminate the possibility of unwanted voting results
      while still maintaining the fassade of democracy.

      They know exactly what they do and which results they want to achieve when they (try to) implement things like hate laws/speech.
      A underhanded way through the backdoor.

      The reason they pretend to be stupid is simple:
      When people consider you stupid you can get away with anything.
      They will get angry but will consider you an innocent fool or useful idiot and you can play this game for years.
      When people think you are smart they will be vigilant and watch carefully every move you make and whatever you do will be double checked for ulterior motives.

      That”s the reason why George W Bush was able to do so much damage.
      He is for sure not the brightest candle in the room,but you do not leavd Yale and Harvard as stupid man.
      But people would have tried to kill him if they would think he is smart.

      Stupidity is just a camouflage(as color,gender and religions that are protected by political correctness) to get away with evil
      as they distract us from the real things and turn the focus onto useless blabla.

      Whenever you think politicians are stupid it is more likely that you are.

  3. spren says:

    These Democrats are really stupid but they are supported by voters even dumber than themselves. Civics education no longer teaches the distinctions between a democracy and a republic. Our framers (especially in the early essays of the Federalist Papers) went to great lengths to avoid direct democracy and explained in great detail the dangers and destructiveness of it. That is why we established a constitutional republic that used democratic means in its processes.

    If we eliminate the electoral college and move towards direct democracy, why do we need a Senate? The House with its proportioned representation would suffice, and the largest states would run everything and determine everything.

    • Squidly says:

      Not just “why do we need a Senate” … Why do we need a Union at all?

      Removing the Electoral College would dissolve our Union immediately. There would be no reason for at least 45 of the States to remain in the Union. As it is, thanks to the 17th Amendment, the reasons for remaining in the Union are thin at best, but removing the Electoral College would end it all.

  4. Squidly says:

    He also seem to believe that 3/4th of the States will ratify such an Amendment. He believes that 3/4th of the States want to finish ceding the rest of their representation. The 17th Amendment has already done enough damage, doing something as insane as this will finish off our Republic. Such a thing would not even make it to the States for ratification without a Civil War.

  5. Spiritus Mundi says:

    I would but even money that 100% of democrats would vote themselves out of a job in order to ensure one party rule.

  6. -B- says:

    Don’t be so sure about the small states putting up a fight. Leftists in small population states don’t seem understand what will happen to them once the electoral college is gone and they become ruled by LA County CA and Cook County IL and a few others. The government office holders of counties with populations higher that some states will then be able to use the federal government to tap the wallets of people who live in low population states.

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