Latest Shameless Fraud From Climate Scientists

The Great Lakes region is getting warmer faster than the rest of America, resulting in extreme weather patterns, rising lake levels, flooding and the influx of invasive species, according to a study released Thursday.

Report: Great Lakes warming faster than rest of U.S.

The level of dishonesty in this article is off-scale, but standard practice for climate scientists.  Temperatures in the Great Lakes States peaked in 1921, and have been declining ever since.

Five years ago, scientists were claiming that global warming was making Great Lakes water levels decline.  Now they say global warming is making Great Lakes water levels increase.

Water Levels of the Great Lakes Are Declining – Scientific American

In 2013, the #2 Democrat in the Senate said that global warming was making the Great Lakes dry up.

Dick Durbin says global warming is leading to “the evaporation of our Great Lakes” | PolitiFact

Ice levels on the Great Lakes have been above average for four out of the last six years. There is zero evidence that the Great Lakes are warming, or that climate scientists are capable of being honest about anything.


These academics understand that they can say anything and not be challenged, and that the press will refuse to acknowledge anyone who speaks factually about the topic.

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