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Missing Ice Located

Climate experts believe the Arctic is ice free, but I have located the missing ice in Colorado.      The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

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Coldest Springtime Afternoon On Record In Boulder

NCAR Foothills Lab Weather (english, 5-minute) It is unlikely that we will get much above 5F this afternoon in Boulder, CO, which will obliterate our previous springtime afternoon cold record of 11F on March 10, 1932. Boulder has had 26 … Continue reading

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Blocked By The Defenders Of Free Speech

I’ve been calling out the Russia collusion scam since the day Hillary started it – in order to keep the Wikileaks E-mails from being an election issue. Now that it is about to collapse, the perpetrators are retreating to their … Continue reading

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Springtime In Colorado

Subzero temperatures this morning. I took this picture one year ago today in Philadelphia. I took this picture on March 7, 2015 – while standing on Chesapeake Bay, which was frozen in March for the first time since the 18th … Continue reading

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Montana 79 Degrees Cooler Than 1910

Glacier National Park Webcams – Glacier National Park (U.S. National Park Service) Cut Bank, Montana is a record cold -40F this morning, seventy-nine degrees colder than their low temperature on March 3, 1910. Later that year, the largest forest fires … Continue reading

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CO2 No Longer The Control Knob

After telling us for years that CO2 is the control knob of climate, alarmists are now telling us that view is “moronic.” David Hanselman on Twitter: “Just bc you deniers can only think in the simplest terms, doesn’t mean bona … Continue reading

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More Arctic Sea Ice Than 1922

During the winter of 1922, there was no sea ice around Spitzbergen (Svalbard.) The water had warmed by 12C and it was too warm for seals.  There was a radical change in climatic conditions, with unheard-of high temperatures. ftp://ftp.library.noaa.gov/docs.lib/htdocs/rescue/mwr/050/mwr-050-11-0589a.pdf This … Continue reading

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