Party Over For Arctic Alarmists

Arctic sea ice extent is normal or above normal everywhere except for the Bering Sea, where southerly winds pushed the edge back a few weeks ago.


There has been no trend in Arctic sea ice for 13 years.

Spreadsheet  Data

Meanwhile, the usual criminals in the press continue their endless series of lies about the Arctic.

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18 Responses to Party Over For Arctic Alarmists

  1. Carefix says:

    Not sure about the trend line. After exhaustive CPU time on this I think I can detect a downward trend in extent equivalent to three drowned polar bears…

  2. R Shearer says:

    It’s about 4% higher than the maximum during 1974 of the satellite era. If we see a similar minimum, then indeed the party is over.

  3. Gator says:

    The Bering Sea is climate, and the rest of the Arctic is weather.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Cherry picking the Bering Sea is not cherry picking. Because it fits the AGW narrative to cherry pick it. But understand – cherry picking it is not cherry picking. It’s science. And 99.99999% of all scientists agree (this scientific and truthful statistic is from a Twatter Twit that I read last night).

  4. Ron Clutz says:

    Indeed, Bering sea lost some ice, now recovering it. According to MASIE, total NH ice is nearing the 15M maximum.

    • John says:

      The ice is thinner every year. Measure the amounts of ice, world wide, that is disappearing at an ever increasing rate every year and explain that. Measure the mass of the sea ice and not how far it is stretched out and explain that. Sorry to correct you but the earth is dying.

  5. adam says:

    are you sure you are interpreting the data correctly
    have you run it by experts in the arctic?

    its not just the media who make claims about arctic ice, i know that much

  6. Jason Calley says:

    In any rational culture the sea ice party would have been over years ago. Unfortunately, the party was never about rationality, and even less about the actual facts. As time passes it becomes undeniable that the argument was never about the facts, but was always just a smoke screen for a political agenda.

    Thanks, Tony, for your years of hard work and relentless efforts to get the truth out. I have to believe that when the current CAGW alarmism passes, you will be one of the few associated names that passes into history as a real scientist and an honest man.

    • Disillusioned says:


      Well said. When I became disillusioned a decade ago, what I needed was non-stop dissenting facts to counter the endless onslaught of AGW propaganda, which is regurgitated by the gullible messes. Tony filled that bill. I am in awe of that man.

  7. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    That “Jim” Bore will be along shortly.

  8. gregole says:

    I thought the Arctic was ice free in 2014? What happened? It’s 2019 and you mean to tell me there’s plenty of Arctic ice?

    But, but, but, CO2…trapping heat…doesn’t all that M@nn-Made CO2 trap heat? And isn’t trapping heat, like, really, really bad? Oh my. It’s all so confusing. I mean, it can’t be that we’ve been being lied to since 1989; these people are “scientists”. They wouldn’t lie. Would they?

  9. Frank K. says:

    Hey Tony. My brother and daughter who live in the Colorado Springs area alerted me to your current blizzard conditions. Sounds pretty wild – stay safe. I bet this will be causing us grief on the east coast in a few days.


    The powerful winter storm affecting eastern Colorado today has
    spread blizzard conditions across northeast Colorado from the
    Front Range Foothills eastward to the Kansas border and from the
    Wyoming border down to the Palmer Divide. Winds have been gusting
    to 65 mph at most locations and up to 80 mph at a few locations.
    The winds and snow have decreased in the mountains, so blizzard
    warnings have been downgraded to advisories for the night for
    continued light snow. The most intense portion of the storm has
    now shifted east of the Interstate 25 corridor.

  10. AndyDC says:

    There never was an Arctic sea ice problem. The only problem was alarmists starting their chart with sea ice at a 100 year high in 1979. All they have been saying is that if sea ice is lower than the all time high, there is a crisis. Yes, a totally fake, manufactured crisis! Misusing statistics in a way that would shame a 10 year old.

  11. Phil. says:

    Arctic sea ice extent is normal or above normal everywhere except for the Bering Sea
    That should be ‘Arctic sea ice extent is normal or below normal everywhere except for the the Sea of Okhotsk and the tip of Newfoundland’ according to the graph you posted.

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