Toto’s Global Warming Research Continues

One year ago, Toto was in a snowstorm on the east coast.  But this year he has moved his research west.

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6 Responses to Toto’s Global Warming Research Continues

  1. GeologyJim says:

    Tony –

    I see you got a nice mention in an article this morning at American Thinker:

    March 2, 2019
    There Still Ain’t No Joy in Mudville
    By Susan Stanton

    Read more:
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    Keep up the good work

    • R Shearer says:

      Good piece. As a chemist I would take exception to the author calling methane odiferous and saying that it “decomposes” in the atmosphere. Methane in and of itself is odorless. In residential natural gas, it is added sulfur compounds that impart its odor. Flatulence is a little more complicated, but it is not the methane that makes it stink. In air, methane reacts with oxygen to produce CO2 and water. This is not technically chemical decomposition.

      Nevertheless, the author keenly describes similar thoughts that I have had recently. I’m hopeful that the folly of this charade will be widely recognized sooner rather than later.

  2. rah says:

    Snow forecast for 1 to 6 March. Cumulative will come in three bursts in that time period.

    Just a thought. Notice the lower snow amounts in the band along the east coast pretty much following the I-95 corridor. Relatively warm water off the coast there is the reason for that. Now, it these fronts were coming in from the east from over that warmer water those blue areas would get plastered. So cold coming inland over warm water snow, and potentially lot of it very quickly for coastal areas! Cold air coming from inland and going out over warmer water is good.

  3. rah says:

    BTW I was called out despite being assured it wouldn’t happen. Phone rang just as my head hit the pillow. Three stops. Spring Hill, TN then Smithville, TN then Huntsville, AL. Got back at 13:00 today (Saturday). By the time I parked the truck to take my break in Huntsville I had gone 34 hours without sleep. On the bright side I made more money this week than any other week in my 14+ years of driving a big truck for a living. Gross pay $2,100.00 not counting per diem.

    The first stop was the worst. Spring Hill is just south of Nashville off I-65. That is where years ago GM built a huge complex to build their Saturn automobiles. Though they don’t manufacture the Saturn line anymore they are using all of those excellent facilities to build others.

    Before GM built that complex Spring Hill was a sleepy old town. After a major manufacturing complex like that is built what happens is that naturally tier 1, 2, and 3 parts manufactures also build either a manufacturing plant or a warehouse in that area. It just makes logistical sense. Then come all the supporting businesses.

    The problem is that Spring Hill never set up an industrial center or park so they could concentrate those businesses in an area where they could all use the same transportation infrastructure so they’re kind of scattered about. And that means a lot more improvements in transportation infrastructure are required to handle it all. So the Tenneco facility I had to get to is off a skinny road with no shoulders and ditch right off the edge of the road. The road was restricted to big trucks before the new industrial facilities were built and my GPS was letting me know that I was in violation of the weight limit. Getting out was a bigger chore than going in because I opted to save 20 miles of driving by taking an old state route that was winding and hilly and skinny with no shoulders and a few blind turns impossible to make without using a portion of the oncoming lane. But doing that kind of thing that has a pucker factor helps keep driver sharp. Really I prefer that kind of driving better than dealing with a big city rush hour.

  4. Ken Barber says:

    So… Toto has a friend now? Or are there two Totos?

  5. Greg Copeland says:

    For god sake Tony. Cut the hair out of those dogs eyes. Please.

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