Climatologists Talking To The Dead

Lakeland Ledger – Dec 29, 1974

A number of climatologists. whose job it is to keep an eye on long-term weather changes, have lately been predicting deterioration of the benign climate to which we have grown accustomed. They point to signs both great (a steady global cooling trend since World War II) and quaint (the south-ward retreat from Nebraska of the warmth-loving armadillo) to support their claim that the coming years will feature colder, more erratic weather. Some recent warnings, from reputable researchers in Japan, Europe and the U.S., have so worried policy-makers that last January certain scientists at a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences proposed the evacuation of some six million people from their parched homelands in the Sahel region of Africa.

Another prominent dissenter is Jule Charney, professor of meteorology at MIT.: “I don’t think we can predict climate now and I wouldn’t trust any-one who said he could. The atmosphere is just too complex to take some of these vague statistics and try to use them to predict with You can always find a single physical mechanism that will ’cause’ one thing or another, but when you take them all together, it just gets too complicated, Worse yet are those ‘weather forecasters’ who say that they can predict the weather months in advance Anyone who says he can tell you more than a few days ahead of time what the weather is going to be is practicing necromancy,”

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2 Responses to Climatologists Talking To The Dead

  1. Crazy says:

    Necromancy? So that is how the Old Farmer’s Almanac does it! I always wondered what their method was!

  2. Michael says:

    And yet, in 1979 Charney chaired a group that concluded that a doubling of carbon dioxide would lead to a 3-degree C warming globally. How is that conclusion consistent with his remarks quoted here?

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