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Fifteenth Coolest Start To Year In Colorado

Through April 15, only 15% of days in Colorado have been above 60F. Average is 23% of days, with the peak year being 1907, when 46% of days prior to April 15 were over 60F. This is the coolest start … Continue reading

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Today’s Top Fake News Items

A Google search for Russian collusion turns up 45 million hits, but a search for climate change turns up almost 800 million hits. However, Gangnam Style gets over three billion hits.

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Reality vs. Climate Scientists

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico – April 18, 2019 Stowe, Vermont  – April 18, 2019 Squaw Valley, California – April 18, 2019 Climate scientists – America’s Shrinking Ski Season | Climate Impact Lab

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Another Leftist Terrified By Condensed Water Vapor

That is not “carbon” Maham – it is condensed water vapor, also known as a “cloud.” CO2 is invisible. Alberta election: Here’s what the rest of Canada should know | Globalnews.ca This is what CO2 looks like. The Rawhide Generating … Continue reading

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Image Processing

One of the more fun things I do at work and for my own hobbies is image processing. This is what the image looked like coming off the Nikon P900. A few other shots from yesterday.

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More On The Katharine Hayhoe Permanent Drought

Katharine Hayhoe is not only wrong about Texas climate, but she is actively supporting people who want to destroy West Texas’ two most important industries – oil and beef. What Climate Change Is Doing to the Texas Cattle Ranch | … Continue reading

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The Last Time CO2 Was Below 310 PPM

What would happen if progressives were successful at destroying civilization, and CO2 eventually dropped back down below 310 PPM – like in 1923? 07 Apr 1923 – NORTH POLE MELTING. – Trove

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