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My Earth Hour

Save the Eagles International I devoted my Earth Hour, to protecting the planet from the useful idiots who are promoting Earth Hour. The notion that renewable energies and batteries alone will provide all needed energy is fantastical. It is also … Continue reading

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Earth Hour In The Maldives

After taking a long haul flight to the Maldives, tourists can switch off their lights for an hour in order to keep the Maldives from drowning last year. Live Cam Kuredu Island Resort It is too late though.  Experts say … Continue reading

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Eleven Years And Ten Months Left

I left three inches of snow in Boulder this morning, and flew into 70 degrees and Magnolia trees in bloom in DC. While I was on the plane, I had lots of time to work on Sonoran Desert photos on … Continue reading

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Protecting Palo Alto From Non-Existent Sea Level Rise

Experts say the Palo Alto, CA Baylands will drown in the next 30 years. With rising tides threatening to submerge the Palo Alto Baylands by mid-century, city officials agreed on Monday that they need to explore new barriers — both … Continue reading

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Squaw Valley Snowfall On Record Pace

Squaw Valley, CA has received 658 inches of snow this winter, and for the date is four inches ahead of the previous record year of 2017. View Last 7 Years of Squaw Valley Snowfall | Squaw Alpine This comes three … Continue reading

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Who Is Steve Pieczenik?

I posted this video the week before the 2016 election. Who is this guy?

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Hitler Finds Out The Mueller Investigation Is Over

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America Goes Full Orwell

“I hope he wins,” Anderson added. “I’m happy for him that the system worked for him in his favor because the system isn’t always fair, especially for people of color. So I’m glad it worked out for him.” USA Today is … Continue reading

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NASA Tampering With Reykjavik Raw Temperature Data

The Arctic is very important for people pushing global warming, because that is where they claim most of the warming is occurring. In NASA GISS Version 2 (V2) – Iceland was warmer in the 1940s than in recent years. Data.GISS: … Continue reading

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NASA Now Tampering With Raw Data Too

The NASA GISS V2 temperature graph for Nuuk, Greenland showed a significant cooling trend since the 1930s. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis The V4 unadjusted data now shows no cooling trend. GHCN-Unadjusted is the raw data as reported by the … Continue reading

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