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Does CO2 Lead Or Lag Temperature?

People love to debate whether CO2 leads or lags temperature, based on ice core graphs. The whole discussion is a farce. You can make CO2 appear to lead or lag by how you position the two graphs on the Y-axis. … Continue reading

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How The Climate Consensus Was Created

The climate consensus is created and maintained by cutting off funding to any scientist who tells the truth about climate.  Like Bill Gray at CSU or David Legates at The University of Delaware – formerly the Delaware State Climatologist. Everyone … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Vs. Denialists

Teenagers parroting propaganda are climate experts. You can tell by their clothing. Congress just got climate change testimony from eloquent teenagers Pamela Anderson is also a climate expert. Her clothing is a dead giveaway. Pocahontas  and the New York Times … Continue reading

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