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Pilgrims Nearly Wiped Out By Cold, Drought And Peaceful Native Americans

“The starving time” was the winter of 1609-1610, when food shortages, fractured leadership, and a siege by Powhatan Indian warriors killed two of every three colonists at James Fort. From its beginning, the colony struggled to maintaining a food supply. … Continue reading

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Planetary Saviors

Four years ago, these heroes saved the planet from life giving CO2 – via distribution of wealth from the US to smaller countries who wanted money for nothing. What is the Paris Agreement? | UNFCCC The father of the global … Continue reading

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The House Science Committee

House Democrats are tackling several important science issues.  Preventing Guam from tipping over and capsizing is a high priority for them. Another signature issue for the party which considers themselves to be the owners of science, is preventing the world … Continue reading

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Looking For Love

My sister got lucky, married a Yuppie Took him for all he was worth Now she’s a swinger, dating a singer I can’t decide which is worse – Tom Petty

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