I texted this picture (with no accompanying text) from downtown Boulder this afternoon, to an acquaintance who is interested in a computer education.

Look what just showed up in my Twitter recommendations.

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8 Responses to 1984

  1. TeaPartyGeezer says:

    Insert Twilight Zone theme here …

  2. annieoakley says:

    I tried several times to listen to a lecture (older) by Tim Ball about the climate hoax. My Iphone will NOT allow this. It shuts off the speaker, flutters and randomly opens other apps that I never use. I can listen on a computer other than my phone to the same speech. I also tried to listen to Patrick Moore and Marc Morano’s address to a Congressional committee from 05/22/2019. Phone refused but I listened on the computer easily.

  3. Les Johnson says:

    I just had something similar happen. I was discussing with someone on Twitter, about U-Haul and the locks you could use. No @Uhaul was used, or tags. Just the 2 of us.

    In a few minutes, I get a “Like” from U-haul.

    I likened this to being in a public coffee shop, discussing U-Haul, when a U-Haul employee, in uniform, comes through the door, and thanks me, then leaves.

    Legal? Yes. Highly Creepy? Yes.

  4. etudiant says:

    The mobile phones obviously listen in to everything that is being said or sent.
    As the supreme court has ruled that these data are stored on public servers and consequently have no expectations of privacy, it would be derelict if the communications companies did not use this windfall to enhance their profits.
    Getting the rules changed would require Congress to legislate in a way that would offend many agencies and corporate entities.

    On a separate topic, perhaps the Australia election will cause some soul searching within the political community as to whether they are smart to play along with the CAGW crowd.

  5. Xenomoly says:

    I have had conversations within earshot of my phone about a particular product line – and for weeks thereafter I was getting ads for that product. I had never talked about this particular product before — and I don’t even want to type it because I don’t want the ads again.

    But they are listening all the time.

  6. Dave N says:

    You’re probably allolwing Twitter to know your location

    • KevinPaul says:

      Web traffic image perusing bots analyse images for faces, text, graphics, and locations etc.,
      I keep a sticker over the rear camera on my phone, I’m not into selfies anyway, and don’t want to be reminded of how grey and crusty I’m beginning to look, if there’s anyway to make it harder for Big Bro I’ll do it.
      Never discuss any deeply personal matters on your phone or via e-mail, absolutely no confidentiality at all!

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