Climate Crisis Update

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  1. Philip Verslues says:

    How do you stand such devastation day after day, must have a hard time seeing that day after day. Love your photos, the coyote pups are cute, you have a real gift with the camera. thanks again.

  2. Gerald Machnee says:

    The NDP and Liberals in Canada want to pass a “climate emergency” bill.
    On Wednesday we drove out into the countryside past hundreds of cattle which I was informed spew out methane which is 25 times more powerful than CO2. There were no explosions as I went by. Yesterday I went for coffee, we planted flowers, then I went to play ball. Was I in danger of the climate? Someone tell me. Should I stay indoors today.
    Maybe they should pass a “Climate Porn” Bill.

  3. rah says:

    Meanwhile there is another crisis going on but it is one for the countries and leftists in this country that have been screwing us for decades now.

    Huge Emergency Action – President Trump Announces Escalating Tariff Program for “All Mexican Goods” Until Illegal Central American Migration is Stopped…

    And now Mexico, which has been paying only lip service to the US demand they stop the continued flow of illegals across their country to the US border, is in a panic as are Germany and others like the Japanese that have set up plants in Mexico to take advantage of better trade conditions for sales into the US market. Despite the tremendous resistance on every level both domestically and internationally Trump is fighting to fulfil his promises and winning. And really according to international law none of the resisters have a legal leg to stand on since the UN and world court have both ruled that transients requesting political asylum cannot transit other countries to reach the one of their choosing but must apply for asylum at the first country that adjoins the one they have left. IOW Mexico is where they have the only legal standing to ask for asylum and not the US according to international law and treaties.

    Mexican President Lopez-Obrador Asks for Emergency Meeting Friday…

    Canada’s Trudeau already is learning his lesson the hard way. The Canadian economy is hurting and will only recover when they start actually producing product instead of importing Chinese product and then selling it into the US which is what they have been doing for decades now. The key point to understanding all of this is that NAFTA is dead and buried and cannot be resurrected as long as Trump remains POTUS. The choices left for Mexico, Canada, and the US legislature, are either ratify the new USMCA trade pact formulated by Trumps trade team or revert to a pre NAFTA relationship. Either will choice will be much better than what we had under NAFTA.

    President Trump just returned from Japan where he watched the final rounds of their Sumo wrestling championship and at his own expense, presented a huge trophy to the winner in the name of the United States. It is obvious he is already a master of leverage and kinetics and thus could appreciate the science behind that traditional Japanese sport.
    Tremendous changes on the world economic stage are taking place and they are the result of this administrations actions. Actions that have been resisted both domestically and internationally with every tool the resistors have, and yet Trump continues to win and when he wins so do we!
    “The U.S. economy is expanding at a rate more than double all other nations; the U.S. unemployment rate is 3.6%, half all other nations; U.S. inflation is barely above one percent, and average U.S. wage rate growth is 3.4 percent and climbing.”

    • Rah: I lost all of you during the blog changes and so forth, posts going to trash at first, changed that and still nothing. Now Tony and the old friends, it seems, although none knew that they were such, are found and back in my life giving information to counter the faux science that corrupts every part of our lives!
      In a darkening world, suddenly there is light for me! Thanks to Tony and yourself. Here’s hoping I will encounter others whom I remember as I catch up on recent and older posts.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Welcome home, Barbara!

      • rah says:

        Glad you found us again. Tony is even better at what he does than he was on the old blog when he gets with it, like he has lately.

        I’ve just gotten in from a trip to watch sprint cars running on the dirt. First time in over a year I have had a chance to go.

  4. rah says:

    Some confirmation that Trump’s tariff action against New Mexico is the right thing to do. When it roils the Never Trumpers and the swamp, but I repeat myself, you know it’s got merit.

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