Global Warming Hits The Little Ones Hardest

Record cold in Boulder today. Local experts at NCAR and NOAA believe the atmosphere is overheated.

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2 Responses to Global Warming Hits The Little Ones Hardest

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Tony, since July 2018 it has rained 3 of 7 days a week or more in SC KY. Is this caused by the cooling of the upper atmosphere due to the Sun going to ‘sleep’? When the air cools and decreases in size, water is wrung out (right?). Is this what is happening?

  2. arn says:

    Interessting that an unusual drought in California gets more coverage
    than an unusual cold winter(&spring) that affected the whole continent.

    Seems the 97% consensus is dictating what we get to read,listen and see.

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