Michael Mann Thuggery Update

On April 25th, I had this conversation with a newspaper used by thousands of schools.

News-O-Matic on Twitter:

I offered to write a an article, and they responded with “we would love to hear from you.”  I took that as an invitation to submit an article. Michael Mann apparently did too, and he and Katharine Hayhoe launched a twitter attack to shut me down.  (This is against Twitter TOU because they both have me blocked.)

(I attended a movie screening with Mann and Hayhoe in a theatre full of climate alarmists.  I had ten seconds to ask them one question.  It was not an appropriate venue to attempt to start a debate. And I had no interest in trying to rain on their parade.  Hayhoe has been using that as an excuse to hide from debating me ever since, saying I am too “sweet.”)

News-O-Matic then failed to contact me, so I tweeted this:

They said :

We in NO WAY agreed to let you post an article. We said we would reach out to you to try to understand your perspective

In our earlier conversation, they said nothing of the sort. The conversation was :

Me:   I would appreciate having the opportunity to write an article in your paper

Them:  Would love to hear from you. Please DM us your contact details and we will be in touch.

That sounds like an invitation to do what I offered to do : write an article.  Perhaps they meant to say something else, but it isn’t what they said.

We then had this email exchange where they accused me of being a liar :

Russell Kahn  Apr 29, 2019, 11:06 AM (2 days ago) to me

Hello, Mr. Heller,
In response to your recent tweet, no one at News-O-Matic said you could write an article for us. This is blatantly false and smearing our name and reputation. We do not allow guest writers to push their agenda from either side. Why you would suggest we had agreed to this? We are a team of journalists and do our own research and writing. In no way had we suggested you could write anything for us. That was patently untrue.

We reached out because we were curious to understand your perspective. I had wanted to schedule an interview this week to discuss. After that disingenuous post about our intentions, I do not think we want to proceed. It has nothing to do about censorship or intimidation. We don’t appreciate being maligned in such a way.

Tony Heller Mon, Apr 29, 11:27 AM (2 days ago) to Russell

I see that Michael Mann’s attempt to intimidate you was successful. I was fully expecting that, and will proceed forward by continuing to expose this.

Russell Kahn Mon, Apr 29, 11:33 AM (2 days ago) to me

It has nothing to do with that. It was all about you. You lied on Twitter about our intentions saying we’d agree to let you write a story for us. If you’d like to schedule a call this week, we can discuss. But I do not understand why you would say we “agreed” for you to write an article for us when there was never any such insinuation. All I said is that I’d like to connect. I am still curious about your perspective to be honest.  To me, this supports all the other claims that you don’t rely on the facts. As journalists, we believe in the truth. Always.

Mann’s thuggery was successful. And News-O-Matic used the standard excuse of blaming me for their own bad behavior. Same excuse Keith Carson used to back out of debate last year.

As a direct result of misinformation being sent to educators about climate, we have this sort of child abuse going on in the schools.

When children are told they have no future, it leads to all sorts of antisocial behavior, and is very destructive to society.

They have responded again :

Russell Kahn 7:30 AM (0 minutes ago) to me

Thanks for sending this. Twitter had blocked it, so I couldn’t even see what you had posted.  You are very much misinformed. We never tell children they have no future. Quite the opposite. We empower them to realize they can change the future themselves — and chart the course of history going forward.  Your posts are misogynistic and offensive. You are spreading lies and we want no part of this.  Will continue to shine a light for truth for the next generation.

Apparently telling American children they will starve to death unless they can get China to stop building coal fired power plants, is empowering them. And slandering and lying about me, is telling the truth.

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