Opposition To Censorship Will Not Be Tolerated

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10 Responses to Opposition To Censorship Will Not Be Tolerated

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    Jihad and Shahadat
    By Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmud Taleqani

    Jihad (struggle in the way of God) in Islam, its importance, role, limitations and necessity. And the concept of shahadat (martyrdom) in Islam.


    Islamists is on Facebook.

    To connect with Islamists, log in or create an account.

    Allah is our Motive, Muhammad—Peace be upon Him—is our Leader, Quran is our Constitution, Shahadat is our Aim & Islamic Revolution is our Destination.

    We are Islamists


    • GeologyJim says:

      “Quran is our Constitution” is all we need to know to say these adherents have no place in American society. Sorry, go back to whatever your place of origin.

      Americans have invested generations of lives and fortunes in our form of government and society, based on individual liberty, natural rights (God-given, not granted by the State), rule of law, equal opportunity for all, and one system of justice for all citizens.

      That means there will be no “special rules” for you who face Makkah 5 times daily and profess absolute obedience to another form of government.

  2. feathers says:

    Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Google have done 100 fold more to change election outcomes than the Russians could ever dream of. My estimate is likely low. RINOs should be our focus – we need to replace them with Patriots!

  3. GW Smith says:

    Interesting what Facebook bans and what it does not. Feels like home in North Korea. Just a real All-American company.

  4. Psalmon says:

    Remember, the Left still wants to control your healthcare. Try getting fertility services approved if you are a Conservative if that happens.

  5. Gamecock says:

    Facebook is a platform, not a publisher.

    When it suits them.

    They are a publisher when they want to be.

    They should no longer be protected from libel by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Conservatives should be filing lawsuits like mad. They want to manage content? Fine. Then they can be responsible for it.

  6. Squidly says:

    Probably most married men have experienced this “sex strike” for years. .. LOL ..

  7. rah says:

    OT but needs to be pointed out:

    John Adams, founder, Harvard graduate, first VP of the United States and the 2nd president of the United States, defended the British Soldiers that participated in the Boston Massacre. Though Adams was totally in the colonists camp, without hesitation, he took the job of defending those hated British “Lobster Backs” in court when no other attorney would do so, indicating that ‘ The facts of the case were more important than the anger of the people and that every man deserved a defense in court’. Adams defense was very effective. Six British soldiers were on trail. Four were acquitted and two were found guilty of manslaughter. Though many Bostonians were angry about it, later his action of defending the hated British was looked on as those of an honest and fair man. Adams was one of the smartest presidents this nation ever had.

  8. The Bluesman says:

    If those are the choices, no thanks. I’ll abstain.

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