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Climate Emergency In Colorado

This was the wettest winter on record in the US. Climate experts of course predicted the exact opposite – because their beliefs are based on superstition, not science. 13 Feb 2015, Page A004 – Arizona Daily Star at … Continue reading

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Amazing Things I Saw On My Bike Ride This Morning

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Coyote Beautiful

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Eleven Years Since Obama Healed The Planet

Eleven years after Obama healed the planet, we only have twelve years left until it is destroyed.

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Thirty Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed All The Penguins

26 Feb 1990, 29 – The Boston Globe at

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Hansen Got Everything Wrong – Alarmists Claim Victory

In 1988, NASA’s James Hansen predicted a huge increase in heat and drought. If you liked last summer’s record temperatures, you’re going to love the 1990s, says James Hansen, the NASA scientist who, during congressional hearings on the Midwestern drought, … Continue reading

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Charles Manson Explains Climate Change

Globalists and socialist politicians like AOC and Bernie Sanders, share the same philosophy as Charles Manson. If it doesn’t come to One World Now, there will be no planet, there will be no life on the planet. – Charles Manson

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Pups – Day Two


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Newborn Pups


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May 1922 Heatwave In France

From May 21-31, 1922 – France had temperatures over 90 degrees every day. Paris was 95 degrees on May 24, 1922 – twenty-one degrees warmer than this year.

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