Reggie’s Blowtorch Runs Out Of Fossil Fuels

Bill Nye seems to have inherited Reggie’s blowtorch.

He must have run out of propane, because crews in Flagstaff, Arizona are shoveling frantically to get ready for their summer tourism season – which starts on Saturday.

Snow Report – Arizona Snowbowl

It was 117 degrees in Arizona on May 27, 1896.

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8 Responses to Reggie’s Blowtorch Runs Out Of Fossil Fuels

  1. R Shearer says:

    Trail Ridge road over RMNP will also miss its traditional Memorial Weekend opening.

  2. Matt says:

    You Northern Hemisphere dudelings seem to be having a late winter in places and down here in Nooo Zeeeland we still have not broken the balmy autumn. Swings and roundabouts. (oscillations)
    Usually the last week of May is the latest it all turns to custard here but twill be interesting to see if both hemispheres swing around the same time. Horsetrailier needs a break as vast areas of that continent are in drought as is often the case.
    Weather is like womansss. Can’t take ’em for granted.

  3. gregole says:

    Couple of days ago I got a barometer reading of 29.6. It was and has been breezy. Last night, we got a sprinkling of rain. In Tempe, Arizona in late May. Supposed to warm up soon. It’s more typical around here to see temperatures over 100 degrees F about now.

    But with CO2 at over 400 ppm, its heat-trapping properties seem to have waned. Maybe all that breeze blew away the CO2.

    As for Bill Nye; he’s a bought and paid for klimate klown.

    Climate science. Pssst.

    Here’s a classic take down:

    Spoiler: No.

    • Lance says:

      Yes, I have been watching temps in Phx and you guys are cool right now. BTW, CO2 is pretty smart, and it picks and chooses where it shows up…..

  4. arn says:

    Bill Nye knows very well how to impress,indoctrinate and scare children.

    I wonder why this kind of child abuse is still legal.
    (on the other hand show biz,especially that that pretends not be show biz,
    is very well known for such behaviour)

  5. Steve says:

    May average temps will be one of the coldest on record here in central MN (at least until the climate office does their magic with the data).

  6. Gator says:

    Leave Dr Nye alone! He is simply demonstrating the latest and greatest climate model that billions of taxpayer dollars can buy.

  7. David in Ardmore says:

    A racket by any other name is still a racket, a racketeer by any other name is still a racketeer. If they were honest, they’d admit the most accurate long-term forecast will say there’s a 50% chance Earth’s climate will be warmer, and a 50% chance it’ll be cooler; and they’d just say, “Hey, give me as much of your income as you can spare, and I’ll assure you everything’s gonna be alright.

    As it is, the lead AGW pushers should be rounded up and locked up for the sake of our children.

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