Summer Is Coming – Time To Escape The Heat

Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally

Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph

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7 Responses to Summer Is Coming – Time To Escape The Heat

  1. etudiant says:

    Were not the 1930s characterized by both very cold and wet winters as well as by hot dustbowl summers?
    A replay of the mid 1930s summer heat wave today would be trumpeted to the skies as absolute proof of catastrophic global warming, just in time for the 2020 elections.

    • xenomoly says:

      Let’s be honest – AOC was claiming a tornado warning was evidence of climate emergency. They don’t need reality to comply with their scare tactics. They just make more claims. No one will test them on these claims because they are now part of a catechism.

  2. Joel says:

    I think I would listen to Don King before David King. He was…well…otnay ootay ightbray.

  3. David says:

    Even in the summer it can get to -40C in places.

  4. Accordionsrule says:

    I’ve been thinking of fleeing to Antarctica to escape the idiocy.

  5. Psalmon says:

    Memorial Day marks the beginning of the Spring Arctic shipping season! This year is off to a slow start. A slight majority of ships are staying to known Atlantic and Pacific routes in the No Hemisphere.

    For some reason, shipping companies are still not taking advantage of the 4-5,000 km distance savings and $250,000 to $400,000 cost savings from shipping over the Arctic.

    Incidentally, that is about 5,000 miles of ocean that has ZERO ships operating in it four weeks from the longest day of the year…In total about 100-200 ships are working above the Arctic Circle out of 178,000 being tracked world wide. (for the next time you read an article about ONE commercial ship sailing thru the NE or NW Passage successfully)

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