Sun Came Out

I had forgotten what the sun looked like.

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3 Responses to Sun Came Out

  1. Lance says:

    that big yellow thing! ya…been a while up here too, can’t get rid of cold/rain/snow….but slowly….

    BTW, the sun has “no” influence on the earth….CO2 is the control knob… (hope I don’t have to put /sarc on this…)…

  2. R Shearer says:

    I noticed the Flatirons received a fresh dusting of snow last night. It made for a beautiful sight this morning with cloudless blue sky, green trees and grass with white snow against the rust colored peaks.

  3. rah says:

    The sun comes out here in central Indiana but not long enough! I got in from my last run of a long hard week at 05:30 ate and relaxed and went to bed at 07:00 Saturday morning. After catching a nap and waking to the sound of neighbor mowing I slurped down some coffee and started mowing my acre at 13:30. At 15:00 a squall line came in and I had to stop. So my yard is half mowed. I ate dinner and went to bed at 18:00 and slept like the dead and woke at 03:00 only to see another little squall line come in. Since my 34 hour break doesn’t end until 15:00 Sunday (today) I hope to get the rest of the yard done before I go back on call. They say there will be a break in the storms but who knows really?

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