New Video : Fakest July On Record

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  1. KevinPaul says:

    They must be thick in the head to think people will keep sucking up their garbage and not question the anomaly between what they are told is happening and what they actually experience. They must think we’re all like alarmists, baboons.

    • Ferdinand says:

      Not sure that they are really wrong with the assumption that the majority of voters will swallow their fake stories. In many countries climate extremists are becoming more and more influential. I have the feeling that sceptics need to think more about how to appeal to people who are hard to reach with evidence and who react more to emotional stimula.

  2. John Donohue says:

    I cross linked on the YouTube video of CBS

    If you watch and listen to that guy, you can see the smarm leaking out the side of his mouth. He knows it is a total lie, and that he is in a power position to put it over.

  3. Andy says:

    It’s a good job you are not over here in the UK Tony, they reported last month

    “Britain has experienced its hottest July day and second hottest day on record as the mercury hit 38.1C, the Met Office said.”

    We had a one day heat wave!! Been raining ever since and temps are average for this time of year.

    I grow chillies and they are not enjoying this average temp weather even though with the rain it means I don’t have to water them. Last year not an absolute hot day but sunny days stretched from June to September. Chillies went bananas, so to say.

    Everyone pointed out that hot day in July, but really the warmer than average weather in February was more noticeable .

    “There was a high of 20.4 °C at Northolt (Greater London) on the 25th, and this was exceeded again on the 26th with 21.2 °C at KewGardens. The 27th was generally a little less warm, but it was again dry and sunny for most with 10.6 hours of sunshine at East Malling (Kent).

    10 hours of sunshine in Feb is pretty good considering the day is much shorter then.

    I walk my dog 2 hours per day every day so the seasons and how weather is in comparison to that becomes obvious.

    In the UK and no doubt the USA people get fixated with one ultimate max temp or min. It normally happens in summer or winter and interesting weather ( not climate change) happens all through the year, like February this year for me.

    All the best


    • arn says:

      The Romans had many wineyards during their reign in britain
      (nowadays a handfull of them are proof of AGW)
      and they used to build the waterpipes of a house on the outside until some decades ago.

      “Warming” since then went the wrong direction somehow.
      I guess we need a few years until a new term is coined like
      “negative warming”

  4. Jose says:

    Please, publish the source of the graphics for this video wether here or in YouTube.
    Great job. Thanks for your service.

  5. D. Boss says:

    As always, Tony has their number(s). Can one find the numerical data set these fraudulent maps were constructed from?

    I think soon it is time someone or some entity files a lawsuit for Fraud against NOAA.

    If done in Federal Court, perhaps even as a class action (Coalition against Climate Alarmist Fraud vs NOAA as an example) you could accomplish several goals:

    1) You could force the lamestream media to report on this fraud.

    2)You would go after them for monetary damages – say $100 million or some large proportion of their annual budget.

    3) The only way you’d settle without trial, is with a full admission, with numerous press releases admitting fraudulent data/reports etc.

    4) Whether you settle with mere admission of fraud, or go to trial and win – whomever was responsible for the fraud – will be fired. And those contemplating future tampering with the data will think twice before doing so.

    5) Assuming you win, the damage award goes to fund actual climate science – where some of the “deplorables” can apply for grant money to study how there is not this grand climate crisis.

    I think it’s time to use the tactics the Left keeps using – like the courts to further an agenda – here the agenda is getting the Truth to the masses.

    You would want to accumulate several dozen provable examples of this kind of fraud to proceed with such a lawsuit, if it is even possible to sue a Federal agency like NOAA.

    D Boss

    • Jeff says:

      Have you been following Mark Steyn’s lawsuit with Michael Mann of Penn St.? Steyn was sued for a minor post on National Review that referenced a CEI blog disparagingly comparing Penn State’s internal reviews of Mann and Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky. That thing has been held up in courts for years (since 2012), even though ironically it was supposed to be handled rapidly using anti-SLAPP laws( SLAPP=strategic lawsuit against public participation) that were specifically designed to quickly throw out lawsuits intended to “censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.”

      So it is my slightly paranoid, but I think justified, belief that the courts are assisting in muddying the waters of this specific case (Steyn has split off and is actively pursuing a court trial, so that discovery will take place. Several of his professors emeritus who were to testify on his behalf have unfortunately died waiting their chance). It is my guess that the courts would do the same for any suit brought against NOAA and/or NOAA, with limitless funds, would deflect and delay the process and the case would ultimately get dropped or buried in the ‘process’ long enough for the principles to pass on to their reward.

      Unfortunately, like (too) many other examples of modern Lysenkoism in our society, I don’t see a resolution independent of a change in national character, science, and politics.

      • D. Boss says:

        Loosely been following Steyn’s lawsuit. While it’s prompt resolution has been thwarted by procedural and legal bull manure it does seem headed for the Supremes:

        I agree with above link it is a fight worth having, as Freedom of Speech itself is at risk in that case.

        Yes, good points – much of the Judiciary, nay society itself has been so thoroughly brainwashed – no doubt activist judges try to put their thumbs on the scale. Heck even the asinine Supremes helped in the “Endangerment Finding” on CO2 .

        It would require some deep pockets and intestinal fortitude. But on the other hand with lots of blatantly false data as evidence – it makes it much harder to delay and obfuscate. (like the data Tony assembles – the data can speak for itself if it is simple, clear and blatant enough – so suits or robes cannot easily refute it, hence delay tactics are then thwarted or weaker too)

        Good term: “Lysenkoism” – describes the Alarmist Cult approach well.

        Of course the other way it (Alarmist Cultism) could be swept into the dustbin of history is if we descended into another little Ice Age for say a dozen years in a row…. A cold snap or winter blizzard could be falsely attributed to CO2, but several years without a summer, or blizzards in Texas in August – not so easy to blame on AGW.

        The real benefit of Mother Nature doing a figurative slap upside the head of mankind, is those so completely brainwashed will never again be so easily duped.

        • Gator says:

          Good term: “Lysenkoism – describes the Alarmist Cult approach well.

          Except that alarmists still don white lab coats, and use letters behind their names to make them look like scientists.

          In modern usage, the term lysenkoism has become distinct from normal pseudoscience. Where pseudoscience pretends to be science, lysenkoism aims at attacking the legitimacy of science itself, usually for political reasons. It is the rejection of the universality of scientific truth, and the deliberate defamation of the scientific method to the level of politics.

          But the rejection of the Scientific Method and attacks on real science/scientists is spot on.

          • Jeff says:

            This makes me wonder who is in control of the term ‘Lysenkoism,’ particularly on wikipedia. I’ve read a few books on Lysenko and his times. Maybe it’s been a while, and my memory isn’t so hot, but my lasting impression was one where science was basically made a tool of the politicians. Under such as system, the political class is perfectly happy if the results of scientific inquiry are consistent with their goals; but where not, they will cherry-pick the research or the researchers who do conform. Maybe it’s not ‘lysenkoism’ maybe you can call it something else, but ultimately, science will be exploited and corrupted at least in part.

          • Gator says:

            Check out the link I provided. All is explained.

  6. Lapsley says:

    The record high July, 2019 temperature is not based upon thermometer readings, nor should it be.
    Global warming generated extreme high arctic heat, the same heat that has completely melted all arctic ice and Greenland ice and snow, displaces frigid arctic air southward, cooling the northern, and much of the Southern Hemispheres. That accounts for the record rain and snowfalls, and overall global cooling now seen. It was this same effect that led climate scientists to misinterpret global warming as global cooling in the 1970s.
    This cooling is misleading, though, as to actual global warming, that is, to what the actual temperatures are without the masking effects of displaced supercool arctic air.
    No, the record July high temperatures are what the actual temperatures truly are and would be, determined using peer-reviewed, fully justified, scientifically sound temperature adjustment protocols, without the masking effects of the polar vortices.
    Until the last vestiges of the remaining frigid hyperborean air is fully displaced and eventually warmed, a period scientists agree will take at least 40 years, global warming induced global cooling may very well persist.
    NOAA and NASA will continue to report record hot months and years irrespective of even its own thermometer data sets, which, in the case of good climate science, would give confusing and misleading results and perceptions.

    • Tel says:


      Get into the climatology beat poetry scene … you are uno hep cat.

    • arn says:

      There is no global warming – no matter how much pseudo scientific BS is thown on people.

      Hansens predictions were total BS but at least his cause&effect basics were 100% spot on
      as one can not have the glorified megaevil global warming without the mandatory sea level rise.
      The reason the sea level rise is almost non existent as it was during the centuries the past centuries is that nothing has happened in the real world-only in news and climate models.
      “Scientists” claim each year new and more warming and record ice melt
      but the record ice melt never manifests in sea level rise.
      Not just that – islands in the pacific can be found that grown in size ,not because of tectonics but negative sea level rise.

      If Hansen was only right 10% (which would be an extreme wrong and shitty prediction)
      we would see beach resort struggling ,beaches shrinking and maps had to be update to adjust the shapes of boarders and coastlines.

      But in the real world:Beach property prizes are rising and in Florida
      (which is usually used as “proof” for sea level rise though the land is sinking as result of groundwater depletion)
      one can still get a 40 year loan for a beach front property-
      which would be impossible if sea levels were rising just a fraction of what was predicted.

      kudos.You have a completely new excuse for the ice age of the 70ies.
      Besides the :”Ice age scare never existed”
      and “Those ice age scientists of the 70ies were not real experts”
      we have a new contender for the best excuse.
      Though no. 1 would be impossible for you
      as one of the most impossible failures in science is to get from one very extreme to the other(things in between are obviously non existent in climate “science)
      while using the same basis.

    • woody188 says:

      “not based upon thermometer readings”
      “masking effects”
      “temperature adjustment protocols”
      “NOAA and NASA will continue to report record hot months and years irrespective of even its own thermometer data sets”

      Anyone else reading these arguments and shaking their head?

      It’s funny because the assertions are all based upon “completely melted all arctic ice and Greenland ice and snow” which isn’t at all true. Sad, really.

    • Noodles says:

      JAEEENyus! For reals. You’ve managed to mimic the pretzel logic of alarmist “thinking”. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. HayMaker says:

    Great video Tony. I plan to send a link to your video to several U.S. politicians. Holding NOAA accountable for their mis information has to come from the top. They have gone rogue. Why won’t NOAA release the awesome American temperature data to the news media. Because they would be exposed as science frauds.

    American trees have had their best year ever. Historic rainfall and a smidgen more CO2. Great articles on the California redwoods. Record tree ring growth. America is coming alive.

  8. TomRude says:

    Could you post the two NOAA land only and land plus ocean maps as separate links please?
    I cannot seem to find them when on google search… especially the land only one…
    Thank you

  9. Tony, great video as usual. It would be helpful if you could list the URLs for the data you use (or otherwise describe how to get this data). For instance, July Average Daily Maximum Temperature At All NOAA US Historical Climatology Network Stations
    is a great chart. Does this come from
    I agree with D. Boss that if the “data” used by NOAA to make their announcements can be shown to be purposefully manipulated and in contradiction to the data they publish elsewhere, it would be a major story.

  10. KevinPaul says:

    Not only has urban sprawl skewed the temperature records, near global implementation of clean air policies with increasingly stinginent vehicle emmissions legislation must surely have increased ground heat absorption through increasingly cleaner urban air. With the homogenisation trick (crafty machination) that Tony exposed last week, more accurate green belt records are contaminated even further with this clear sky amplification.

    Honest science would take into account particulate densities effect on urban temps since the 70s.

  11. Petras says:

    I repeat myself … it would be really effective to produce a map showing temperatures for this year side-by-side with the historical temperature maps. Don’t they look totally different? When are the temperatures for this year’s July going to be available for map display? Instead of just stating that temperatures as warm as they were in in the 1930’s are unheard of today, show the two maps. It would be a killer argument!

  12. Jeremy Lee says:

    I try to look at the land-only using this but it does not match the image in your video?

  13. Bob Hoye says:

    Today’s headlines are about Alaska setting the hottest August–ever.
    No mention of large parts of Russia recording some record cold numbers.
    Nor of record cold numbers in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Of course, these are reports of extreme weather. But both hemispheres repoeted record cold at the same tiem is interesting.

  14. Tony, I wrote a comment previously here today in response to your Fakest July on Record video. I subsequently discovered your database instructions under Unhiding the Deline. So personally, I no longer wonder where you got your chart. Still, I think some mention or link to your resource along with the YouTube description would be good.

    I will look at your database materials. I may provide a link to your channel on mine.

    • John Donohue says:

      Anthony, the file us.txt included by Tony only goes to 2016. Have you figured out how to download an updated file? (if there is one)

      Also, us.txt contains a lot of way-out-of-probability temps, like 172C … maybe these are ‘double’ figures, with two readings in one day? I don’t know.

  15. Stewart Pid says:

    This is for the Grifftard …. lots of zeros and even some minus temps on this map this morning. Norman Wells -2 C, Tungsten Yukon -6 … even down south Saskatoon is only +3C with a zero to the southeast. All through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago there are 0C and negative temperatures. It is still mid August and Griffy thinks us Canucks are burning up with GLO-BULL warming …. any colder and the growing season here would not sustain life … it is marginal as it is!
    All temps from here,63.431,-123.091,5

  16. RE says:

    Admittedly not knowledgeable on the various arguments but do have one question:
    Rather than deal with highs and lows, wouldn’t it be better to look at weighted average daily temperature data? That is – wouldn’t duration at a particular temperature weighted against the other temperatures of the day be more informative than just max and mins? Seems logical that 12 hours @ T could be worse than 6 hours @ T+.

  17. Huong Mongar says:

    That is a really good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Brief but very precise information… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

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