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New Video : “Democracy Dies In Darkness”

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We Have Some Winners ….

Poll from July 26 (3) Steve Goddard on Twitter: “How much longer before Epstein “commits suicide” – like dozens of other Clinton associates?” / Twitter

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A Week Of 130 Degree Weather In Iraq

Apparently 130 degree weather was common in Iraq when CO2 levels were lower. 11 Aug 1930, Page 17 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch at Newspapers.com 01 Oct 1922, 44 – Casper Star-Tribune at Newspapers.com h/t Don Penim

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“Democracy Dies In Darkness”

Climate experts have informed us that three days of warm weather in Greenland last month is climate. Surface Conditions: Polar Portal They have also determined that a 200 billion ton gain in ice since September is actually a loss, and … Continue reading

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