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New Video : Three Days That Ended The World

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Moscow Heatwave Update

Moscow has had twenty two days over 95F (35C.) Two occurred in 1972, two in 1981, one in 1996, and the rest in 2010. 7/7/1972 95 8/21/1972 95 7/22/1981 95 7/30/1981 95 7/11/1996 96 7/17/2010 95 7/22/2010 95 7/23/2010 97 … Continue reading

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England Five Degrees Cooler Than 1976

This year’s “record hot” summer in England has averaged five degrees cooler than the summer of 1976. CET Same story as in Paris.  One hot day is climate, but an entire summer is just weather.

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The Path To An Ice-Free Arctic

There is currently about six trillion tons of Arctic sea ice.  All that alarmists have to do is melt that in the next week or two, before the melt season shuts down. They just need to melt about one trillion … Continue reading

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Dismantling The Time Of Observation Bias

The Time of Observation Bias (TOB) adjustment is the primary excuse for rewriting US temperature history. NASA 1998 NASA 2019 I have new tools in place which show what a farce that is. The graph below plots the summer 1936 … Continue reading

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