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YouTube Suppressing My Stats Nearly 50%

These two videos have had at least 18,000 views – probably a lot more. YouTube shows them just over 10,000 views in my analytics.

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84% Of Midwest Stations Cooling During Summer

The graph below plots all 1,999,843 summer maximum temperature readings at all 191 Midwest USHCN stations since 1895, with trend lines. Eighty-four percent of the stations are cooling. Ohio and Indiana are cooling the fastest. The center of the histogram … Continue reading

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Warmest Midwest Stations Cooling The Fastest

The graph below plots every August daily maximum temperature at all 189 USHCN  Midwest stations since 1895 (666,188 readings) – with trendlines for each station. Eighty-eight percent of the stations are cooling, with the warmest stations cooling the fastest

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New Video : 1918 – When People Didn’t Have To Manufacture Crises

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New Video : Primal Climate Instincts

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August 7, 1918 – Second Hottest Day On Record In New York

New York City has had 59 days over 100F (38C) since 1895.  Three quarters of those days occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM.  The hottest day was 106F on July 9, 1936.  The second hottest was August 7, 1918 – … Continue reading

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