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Canada’s Finest Scientists At Work

Canada’s top scientific minds have determined that all the cold, snow, rain and high water levels on the Great Lakes are due to global warming. Blame climate change for record water levels in the Great Lakes: prof | CTV News … Continue reading

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Banned For Posting Temperature Data

As I predicted last week, I have been censored from the climate discussion for posting temperature data. (205) Climate Change – an open discussion

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Toto’s Latest Software Release

I put together a new python script for analyzing US temperature data. The code is much smaller than what I have previously released, but it is just as powerful for the most commonly used statistics.  It also includes analysis of … Continue reading

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Peak Temperatures In The Midwest Down 20 Degrees

Peak temperatures in the Midwest have plummeted since the 19th century. This is the first year the Midwest did not make it up to 99 degrees, with a peak of  98 degrees on 7/21/2019 at station PALESTINE IL USC00116558.  That … Continue reading

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