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Someone Flipped The Switch At YouTube

About 30 hours ago, someone truncated my YouTube channel view analytics. It now shows a lot fewer views than the sum of the views on the individual videos. Not surprising since they have been contaminating my videos with banners and … Continue reading

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The 200 Hottest Days In The Midwest

All but twelve of the hottest summer days in the Midwest occurred below 350 PPM CO2.  The hottest day this century (July 7, 2012) was more than nine degrees cooler than July 14, 1936 – which averaged 106.2 degrees across … Continue reading

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Same Weather As 1947 Made 100 Times More Likely By Climate Change

England has averaged five degrees cooler than summer 1976.

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Only One Tee Time Left In Australia

Call soon – the golfing is awesome. Snow Cams | Hotham Alpine Resort

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The Actual Climate Crisis Of 1930

Unlike the completely imaginary climate crisis of 2019, there was a very real climate crisis on this date in 1930. TimesMachine: Saturday August 9, 1930 – NYTimes.com Almost the entire eastern half of the country was over 90 degrees on … Continue reading

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August 8, 1934 – 115 Degrees In Iowa

On this date in 1934, it was over 110 degrees in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Illinois. Iowa was 115 degrees and the corn crop was dead. 08 Aug 1934, 1 – The Courier at Newspapers.com USHCN Temperatures … Continue reading

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