Buzz Feed News Wants Me Silenced

Buzz Feed News has determined that free speech is exploitation, telling the truth is misinformation, and that anyone who questions their mindless religion must be evil.

A Google News App Is Pushing Climate Denier Blogs. Google Won’t Say Why.

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32 Responses to Buzz Feed News Wants Me Silenced

  1. Matthew says:

    They attack and revile anyone who dares to question their religion. Or to ask questions, period.

  2. Noel Herron says:

    It’s a badge of honour Tony ! as your influence grows and more people get to hear your message the more you terrify them. They know the games up and all they have left is suppression and tyranny. For truths sake redouble your efforts ,now is the time to strike harder. You have shot their distortions and lies full of holes. Daily I’m reading news of research that is constantly hammering this awful CO2 hoax. Meanwhile The real environmental issues are being sidelined , I wonder why?

    • frogtongue says:

      And, keep on pulling back the curtain on Catherine McKenna, along with the little commie broadcasting company, a/k/a cbc and the rest of the Canadian climate crazies (the Canadian temp data set to Bullero was great).

  3. Disillusioned says:

    The Ministry of Truth cannot have dissenters destroying their fake science and falsified history.

  4. Gator says:

    This is why I refuse to call them “liberals”. Liberty is the very last thing on their tiny warped minds.

    They are leftists. They are fascists. They are dangerous. But I would never deny them their right to speak, and be heard.

    Who is really the denier?

  5. Billyjack says:

    All religions are man made constructs that first enforce and then usurp an individual’s spirituality for the power and enrichment of their leaders. There is little difference between Al Gore and Joel Osteen. The climate scientists are little difference than the “educated” clergy of yore who provided the proof of the king’s right to rule by divine providence so they could share in the plunder of the peasants.

  6. arn says:

    People who tell the truth do not need propaganda,intimidation,good intentions
    or censorship as they know their content is selfevident.

  7. Michael Spencer says:

    This was predicted in dystopian novels: “Brave New World”. “1984”, “This Perfect Day”, etc. “2+2=5”, “Big Brother is watching you!” “He who controls the past ….”

    Hmmm …… I think Tony Heller has been pointing this out for some time! And yest, there are so many people living in their very-own Utopia thinking that they are doing the right thing: “Saving the Planet!”, and all that ….

    The late, unlamented Herr Doktor Josef Goebbels would have been delighted with this type of propaganda! So also it seems that crowds like Climate Investigations Center are too!

  8. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    They (the JCU and our ABC, the national government broadcaster- paid by the taxpayer) are trying to do the same thing to ocean and reef physicist, Dr. Peter Ridd on his disclosure that the science of the Great Barrier Reef has been captured by the left and is dishonest. Most people here know of the courageous Dr. Ridd and his firing by James Cook University for voicing his views publicly. If it disagrees with the left, out you go and your career is finished.
    Latest interview with Dr. Ridd:

  9. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    I must look up the ‘Mike Smith Enterprises’ blog.

  10. Comstock Law mystics eager to again ban all birth control and plant leaves are the ones bringing disaster on all of us. Bullying physicians and women is as wrong as banning nuclear energy, for both rely on the same initiation of force. The CPUSA has in its official pronouncements merged with the Dems. Counting the 4 million pro-energy LP votes and the lamentable Greens, 6.9 million more people voted against than for the coalition of Dixiecrats and Prohibitionists that is today’s GOP.

  11. Anon says:

    Sorry to say this, but I suspect this is a set-up. The precedent has been set, that Google and Youtube will curate conservative content (eg Steven Crowder) and so what they need to do next is to bring certain groups / or issues into the censorship gun-site.

    There is no way that Robert Felix’s “Ice Age Now” should rank anywhere near the top of Google’s “ice age” search results without “artificial” assistance. Also, how might a blog called the “DEPLORABLE Climate Science Blog” be confused by Google with a website from NASA GISS?

    So, I suspect that such “assistance” was given by Google to produce just this reaction from BuzzFeed. It is probably because the Democratic Party has made Climate Change the primary issue of the 2020 election (because they have absolutely nothing else to offer the American people, IMHO). And now that Google has received unsolicited complaints from legitimate respectable people (aka progressives) , they can act to censor.

    From what we / I have seen over the past year, it would be naive think that this Buzzfeed article is a coincidence or natural happening. IMHO

    • RW says:

      You’re probably right. Buzzfeeed is a deeply dubious source. 10 years ago, it was far less political. More like a tabloid. It became woke at some point, probably arpund the 2016 election.

  12. rah says:

    Sorry to go OT but I wanted to make sure others saw this excellent entry from Judith Curry’s blog on hurricane alarmism.
    She sure has come a long way over the last decade.

  13. MrGrimnasty says:

    One for Griff and Andy.

    Have you noticed how the MSM is increasingly reporting that those good-hearted climate alarmists like Greta are being subjected to ‘hate’.
    Paving the way to making ‘climate denial’ an official hate crime?
    The UK police already record ‘hate incidents’ that aren’t actually crimes, and have been known to visit/phone people to ‘check their thinking’.

    Called a ‘Climate Barbie’ so needs protection.

  14. Al says:

    Buzzfeed is a newspaper known for its conspiracy theories and false news.

    They earn their bread making others laugh.

  15. KevinPaul says:

    Very sad to say, but for many of us foreigners looking on from afar who observe the almost complete rot of the top of the US executive agencies, Media, Science and Industrial Corporations etc., the sight can no longer be denied, the USA has devolved into the USC, the United States of Corruption.

  16. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    Who listens to Buttfeed anyway?

  17. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, keep up the good work. When these Alarmist Catastrophic Climate Change Lobbists are called up and exposed, they will always squeal like stuck pigs and call “Foul!”

    But he tide is turning as you know….


    At last some light at the end of the tunnel as news breaks that hundreds of climate sceptics are to mount an international campaign to stop net-zero targets being made law.

    This news together with the release of the interview from the Finnish Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO),

    Taken both together, just about sums this whole Climate Change debacle….. The gonzo’s of the press corps have broadcast and blindly asserted, with emphasis, the outrageous doctrines of the Climate Doomsters and have kowtowed to the demands of the Greenie Extremists, who have actually hijacked the whole climate agenda, championed by the globalists of the elite left.

    As with other “crises” advocated by the alarmist, extremist harbingers of doom and gloom, when they are failing, they have to revert to driving their ideology harder and harder with more and more ridiculous claims, because they don’t seem to be getting their message through to the silent majority. In the end, as has happened before, such religiosity induces an implosion of their cause because their dogma reaches such outlandish heights, that no one can believe it. Let’s hope this is again happening.

    Good work Tony once again…. hang in there and keep the blogs coming…

  18. Logic n reason says:

    All you do Tony is publish verifiable facts based on historical data plus your geological knowledge and understanding of how computer models are used leading to junk predictions. The climate alarmist solution to you is to silence rather than engage in debate and dialogue. You have laid out challenges to these people and not one dares to take you up. I understand that there has been a huge volcanic eruption in Russia very recently which pumped out volcanic ash and debris as high up as 70,000 feet and will be joining the jet stream . This could have consequences for bringing about a very cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The climate alarmist will then manipulate the news to say that this doesn’t affect the long term trend of warming the planet and that we are still heading for Armageddon!

  19. Tel says:

    Shut up, Buzz Feed explained.

  20. Anonymous comment says:

    “lose faith in the science”

    Faith, like in a religion?

  21. Russell Cook says:

    Buzzfeed: “… These blog are spewing ‘denial 101,’ siad Kert Davies, a climate activist and director of Climate Investigations Center. …”

    Right, sez THE Kert Davies, the guy I detailed ( as tracing back to the core of the efforts to smear skeptic climate scientists as ‘paid industry shills.’ Same guy seen among others who are actively trying to take down Exxon ( ). I have a whole tag category at my ‘denial 101’ blog for this guy:

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