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New Video : Ocean Stupidification

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New Video : Stolen Childhood

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Stolen Childhood

Greta Thunberg travels the world in multi million dollar yachts, skips school and might get the Nobel Prize.  She cries and says her childhood was stolen by something she imagines is going to happen sometime in distant future, based on … Continue reading

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This Date In 1934 – The End Of Colorado’s Longest Heatwave

Las Animas, Colorado had 145 consecutive days above 90F from 5/6/1934 to 9/27/1934, and averaged 100 degrees for the daily maximum during that period. The hottest day was 112 degrees on July 11. There were no school climate strikes in … Continue reading

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New Video : The Climate Cynicism Crisis

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The Idaho Heatwave Of 1919

One hundred years ago, Glenn’s Ferry, Idaho had 134 consecutive days over 90F, stretching from March 31 to September 30. This included 106 consecutive days over 90F from June 7 until September 20.

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Catastrophically Bad Journalism At The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald says sea level is going to rise to catastrophic levels, due to melting of “sea ice glaciers.” Hotter oceans, wilder weather, less ice: the IPCC upgrades projections to catastrophic There is no such thing as a … Continue reading

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1930 : Climate Cycles Correspond Closely With Sunspot Cycles

12 Dec 1932, Page 1 – Arizona Daily Star at

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New Video : Rewriting America’s History

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Couldn’t The UN At Least Use An Adult?

Mercury News: Search Results

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