September 7, 1925 – 112 Degrees In Tennesse

The southeastern US had an unprecedented heatwave during September/October 1925 – peaking on September 7

States over 100 degrees on September 7, 1925

Tennessee	112
Mississippi	110
Arkansas	109
Kentucky	108
Louisiana	108
South Carolina	108
Texas	        108
Missouri	107
Alabama	        106
Illinois	106
Oklahoma	106
Arizona	        105
Georgia	        105
Kansas	        105
North Carolina	105
Indiana	        103
New Mexico	101
California	100
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3 Responses to September 7, 1925 – 112 Degrees In Tennesse

  1. Mark Luhman says:


    I found this comment on Lubos Motl web page. I like to read his blog now and them, he brilliant and sane. To get this comment I think it high praise from a world class mind. Anyone who do the math on string theory is in a very small group.

    “P.S. II: Google has finally done something good for the climate science and the public understanding of it. It is promoting a famous blog rigorously proving that the climate fearmongers are liars, the blog of Tony Heller. Tony also has a useful YouTube channel with quantitative analyses of some hot climate questions. Thanks, Google, for helping us to move the climate fearmongers a little bit closer to the state inns.”

    • Disillusioned says:

      Mass disillusionment is exactly what the clime syndicate cannot have. So, before Google nips that in the bud, perhaps a few more unenlightened souls will wander over to these “denial” sites, begin to see the other side with the light shining on this scam and become saved from the abyss of 24/7 propaganda.

  2. gofer says:

    It was 81 today in mid Tn, a nice sunny fall like day. Night times in the 50-60s.

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