September Setting Fake Statistics Record In Arkansas

KARK claims that Little Rock, Arkansas has never had 18 consecutive days over 90 degrees in September before.

September 2019 Heat Setting New Record | KARK

The closest USHCN station to Little Rock is at Conway, and it had at least 18 consecutive days over 90F in September in 1931 and 1933. During the 1931 heatwave they had 22 consecutive days over 90F.

Arkansas has had 32 streaks of 18 consecutive days over 90 degrees in September. They occurred in 1895, 1896, 1900, 1906, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1931, 1933, 1936, 1939. and 2019.  All but one occurred more than 80 years ago.

BRINKLEY, AR   9/5/1895 To 9/22/1895
BRINKLEY, AR   9/2/1911 To 9/19/1911
BRINKLEY, AR   9/1/1912 To 9/18/1912
BRINKLEY, AR   9/4/1931 To 9/21/1931
BRINKLEY, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
CONWAY, AR   9/4/1931 To 9/21/1931
CONWAY, AR   9/5/1933 To 9/22/1933
CONWAY, AR   9/1/2019 To 9/18/2019
EUREKA SPRINGS 3 WNW, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
GRAVETTE, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
MENA, AR   9/3/1931 To 9/20/1931
MENA, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
NEWPORT, AR   9/1/1927 To 9/18/1927
NEWPORT, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
PINE BLUFF, AR   9/3/1895 To 9/20/1895
PINE BLUFF, AR   9/1/1927 To 9/18/1927
POCAHONTAS 1, AR   9/1/1927 To 9/18/1927
POCAHONTAS 1, AR   9/4/1931 To 9/21/1931
POCAHONTAS 1, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1896 To 9/18/1896
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1900 To 9/18/1900
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/6/1906 To 9/23/1906
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/3/1911 To 9/20/1911
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1912 To 9/18/1912
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1914 To 9/18/1914
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1925 To 9/18/1925
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1927 To 9/18/1927
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1930 To 9/18/1930
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1936 To 9/18/1936
PRESCOTT 2 NNW, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939
SUBIACO, AR   9/4/1931 To 9/21/1931
SUBIACO, AR   9/1/1939 To 9/18/1939

Prescott had 29 consecutive days over 90F in 1939 – almost the entire month.

Conway is less than 30 miles from Little Rock.  The KARK stats are either incorrect, or they are meaningless.

The frequency of of 90 degree September days in Arkansas has dropped by more than 50% since the 19th century.

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8 Responses to September Setting Fake Statistics Record In Arkansas

  1. David says:

    As my wife says do you think bringing facts to an argument is going to help you. These people are brainwashed useful idiots. I have come to the conclusion it is to late to save them or us. I believed this crap for a short time, but my prior training toward meteorology and history pulled me back. Most people that believe this crap care nothing of facts, even when shown your material they still say it doesnt matter we are destroying the planet. It is sad but I feel we have lost this country to a war monging deep state.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    KARK claimed: “… there is no other September on record with 18 consecutive days where the high temperature is recorded at 90 degrees or above.

    Tony found the data actually shows: “Arkansas has had 32 streaks of 18 consecutive days over 90 degrees in September. They occurred in 1895, 1896, 1900, 1906, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1931, 1933, 1936, 1939. and 2019. All but one occurred more than 80 years ago.”

    If that is true [I see no evidence to the contrary], then KARK LIED, and KARK is FAKE NEWS!

  3. Disillusioned says:

    This post should serve as a WARNING to all meteorological departments and persons across the globe – should you choose to post fake statistics [propaganda], you are in jeopardy of being found out and called out by Tony Heller.

    Facts don’t lie. People do.

  4. GW Smith says:

    Thanks, Tony! Keep it up!

  5. Mohatdebos says:

    Get with the program people. Facts, who cares about facts when you are trying to save the planet. Google “Covering Climate Change: A New Playbook For A 1.5-Degree World,” a joint project launched by the Nation and the Columbia Journalism Review.

  6. MrGrimnasty says:

    The world is a big place and with millions of different possible combinations of criteria to combine, alarmists can come up with spot records to make misleading claims at will.

    September itself is a man-made concept, what possible climate significance is there in the fact that an 18 day run of 90F days occurred entirely in September as opposed to entirely in August or across monthly boundaries?

    Even if factually correct, these claimed records are just talking points, they are rarely significant weather, let alone climate, milestones.

  7. MGJ says:

    Everything is a record if you leave unstated enough of the criteria. Or add them in later as a sticking plaster when exposed as a fraudster.

    It’s the hottest spell of weather EVER recorded!…starting on a Thursday…after a full moon…since 1974…measured by a particular method…after applying ‘corrections’…

  8. OK says:

    Dear Tony,
    following your posts from Switzerland I recognise that we have the even bigger mess here. We get bombarded with propaganda ever day especially as the UN climate meeting goes on and the little girl is speaking.
    Thank you for your tremendous work.
    Good luck and best regards

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