Darwin – Extreme Drought An Important Part Of Evolution

Origin Of Species

Apparently the earth had extreme cyclical weather before the SUV was invented. Darwin was one of the early climate deniers.

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2 Responses to Darwin – Extreme Drought An Important Part Of Evolution

  1. Johansen says:

    Ha! I’m glad you brought this up. Extinction is/was an important element of evolution of species. In Darwin’s second book, “The Descent of Man”, extinction of certain, lesser, races of men played a very important part of the schema. Darwin ‘ranked’ the races of men and made the argument they were actually ‘incipient species’…. I won’t list his ranking because it’s highly insulting…. but certain, lesser races were going to be extinct within a few hundred years. Someone should explain this to “Extinction Rebellion”

  2. mabarnes says:

    I found this latest development fascinating, Tony. Perhaps you might too. Burst of gamma radiation that lines up with both an epochal climate shift and accelerated evolution of species including human ancestors.


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