Journalism Melting – Like Never Before

Two months ago, the LA Times hysterically reported that Greenland was melting like never before. They cited 16.5 hours above freezing in the center of the Greenland ice sheet, and said it only happened before in 2012 and during the Middle Ages.

Greenland’s glaciers are melting like never before, especially Helheim – Los Angeles Times

The 2019 event never actually happened however.

(24) DMI on Twitter: “?️Var der rekordvarmt på indlandsisen i fredags? Nej!

But during the Middle Ages, the summit was above freezing for 500 years, which was a little longer than the zero hours in 2019.

20 Dec 1993, 22 – Wisconsin State Journal at

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5 Responses to Journalism Melting – Like Never Before

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    I have a growing reluctance to follow a lead to a “it’s worse than we thought” story.
    In the LA wording, “like never before” is the phrase.

    In the game of poker this would be called “a tell.”
    The story is going to be highly exaggerated, misleading, or outright wrong.

  2. Gator says:

    Academia is also melting down, and it is an existential threat…

    A world-renowned expert in animal bone identification has lost her position at the University of Victoria (UVic), she believes for telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears.

    Zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford is routinely hired by biologists and archeologists in Canada and abroad to identify the remains of mammals, birds and fish. She has helped catalog museum collections, and assisted police with forensic analyses. But UVic students will no longer benefit from her expertise, and her ability to apply for research grants has come to a screeching halt. In May, the Anthropology Department withdrew her Adjunct Professor status, depriving her of a university affiliation.

    Truth in climate science is much more endangered than poley bears, it is virtually extinct.

    • GCSquared says:

      Heck, if you can show me any place where truth is thriving, you’ll make my day. Deception has become so widespread that lying has become a moral crisis just by itself.

  3. MGJ says:

    I relish the suicide of the lying MSM. Suicide because…

    1. Their rigidly enforced leftist mono-culture instantly alienates 50% of the potential audience and even some of the other half must get bored of never being challenged on anything ever.

    2. Competition from the web means their decades long near-monopoly on reporting means they are driven to ever wilder, ever more sensational ever more dishonest stories. A very damaging approach in the longer term.

    ‘It was on TV’ or ‘in the paper’ was once credible (though not conclusive) evidence to bring to an argument. Nowadays such a claim would just bring laughter.

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