Extreme Weather of 1976-1977

On July 31, 1976 – Colorado had one of the deadliest floods in US history.

Pakistan was also having massive floods.

The Telegraph-Herald – Google News Archive Search

England was having their worst heatwave and drought on record. Summer maximum temperatures were nearly 5°F warmer than this summer.

Schenectady Gazette – Google News Archive Search

Pine Beetles were on a rampage in Oregon.

The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

By December, Colorado was having our worst drought and ski season on record. There was no snow at Vail.

Ocala Star-Banner – Google News Archive Search

But it was snowing in Miami.

20 Jan 1977, Page 3 – Valley News

Lakeland Ledger – Google News Archive Search

Alaska was warmer in Florida.

19 Jan 1977, Page 20 – The Town Talk at Newspapers.com

National Geographic described it as “The Year the Weather Went Wild.”

The National Geographic Archive | December 1977 | page 1

Jerry Brown declared a drought disaster in California.

Brown Warns of Drought Disaster; Says ‘Hard Choices’ Face California – The New York Times

The extreme weather was blamed on a very wavy jet stream.

25 May 1983, Page 29 – Stevens Point Journal at Newspapers.com

Which was blamed on global cooling



Science News March 1, 1975

Scientists now blame the same weather pattern on global warming.


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