Michael Moore Exposes The Green Energy Scam

New Michael Moore-backed doc tackles alternative energy

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11 Responses to Michael Moore Exposes The Green Energy Scam

  1. Mary Innes says:

    Well, this is progress. Good for Micheal Moore to actually admit that he has been wrong and still make a film about it. Now, all that is needed is for him to understand that additional CO2 in the atmosphere is a god-sent as a plant fertilizer, increasing crop yields and feeding 3 to 5 times more people per acre while saving on irrigation water.

  2. E. Martin says:

    This skeptical movie by leftist Michael Moore could be the beginning of the EXPOSURE of this monumental scam — Pl. send the AP revue * to all congressmen and senators.
    * https://www.apnews.com/933b49681b0d47d3a005d356f35251ab

  3. billtoo says:

    well. donuts need boiling oil.

  4. gregole says:

    “It was kind of crushing to find out the things I believed in weren’t real…

    Whoa. Just wait until he figures out MannMade Climate Change is a crock of fetid manure; a complete waste; a money pit funding the worst of the worst.

  5. The commies have seen that the Soviet Union’s 1960 Misanthropic Global Warming Sharknado theory has traction only among those who don’t vote, have not a dime to donate, and couldn’t convert Fahrenheit to Celsius even if it meant a Get out of Jail pass. Banning power plants per the Dem platform will not yield Tammany Hall jobs for the boys any better than nationalizing everything did for the CPUSA or bombing women and children did for the Gee-Oh-Pee. “Move away from the plank, Sir” is simply a word to the wiseacres.

  6. Logic n reason says:

    Well, if nothing else, this exposes the crass naivety of the whole SJW/ Green movement racket. Sceptics, who have known and highlighted the ‘green’ lobbys real agendas for years and have been vilified, sneered at, and called climate change deniers in the same way as holocaust deniers, may at long last start being listened to. The biggest scandal is the cult of Greta. The political classes are bowing at her feet and taking in every word of her catastrophe emotional hyperbole whilst ignoring such scientific heavyweights in climate science like Professor Robert Lindzen,who with 500 renowned scientists, wrote to the UN recently about this hysteria.

  7. Wolfgang Black says:

    This part cracked me up hard:

    “It dawned on me that these technologies were just another profit center.”

    Are these people children who think those who manufacture windmills and solar cells do it at a loss or for free?
    Clearly they lack much real world experience if they think large factories required to produce things can be done for free.
    Perhaps it is the all the fairy tale Marx books they read.

    I like “renewable” energy a lot if someone would buy me enough solar cells to give me “free” electricity but if I have to spend my own money it better be cost effective.

  8. Simon Hodges says:

    There has been a radical split in the climate movement between Neoliberal techno progressives on one side and old school environmentalists, Anti-Capitalists and Anarchist groups on the other. Cory Morningstar has done extensive research showing how the green movement has been captured by corporate interests in league with NGOs in the not-for profit industrial complex. Michael Moore’s film entirely backs Morningstar’s findings but in nothing like the detail she goes into. Whatever your political background this kind of corrupt Neoliberal manipulation should worry everyone.

    THE MANUFACTURING OF GRETA THUNBERG – FOR CONSENT is in two volumes of 13 acts. Its incredibly dense research but an amazing amount of detail as to who is running this show and how they are connected.


  9. Stewgreen says:

    That Michael Moore Green Energy film
    how come we hear little of it ?
    just articles that root back to that one AP article from August
    Yet Greta gets endless coverage here in the UK ?

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