New Video : Progressive Thinking At The Washington Post

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22 Responses to New Video : Progressive Thinking At The Washington Post

  1. G W Smith says:

    Another great video! Thanks, Tony! Hopefully someday they will listen, and think.

  2. Haymaker says:

    Another brilliant video. We all want a cleaner planet.

    The easiest method to reduce CO2, with 100% scientific consesus, is to simply plant more trees. Yet, planting trees doesn’t seem to be part of the corrupt liberal “warmest” ideology. India just planted 200 million trees in a single day. The tiny island of Britain plans to plant 1.5 billion trees by 2050. I believe America has more trees than it did in 1900. As I look out my window at Boulder, Colorado and Denver, I see millions of trees that didn’t exist in the early 1900’s. The CO2ers should embrace natural solutions. Sadly, warmests are a highly emotional crowd with very little common sense.

    • -B- says:

      ” Sadly, warmests are a highly emotional crowd with very little common sense.”

      You give them too much credit. They do not care about the environment. They want to control other people. They want to engineer society. If they cared about the environment the pressure would be on China. But China’s society is already controlled and engineered to a large degree and becoming more so. Thus China is not a problem.

      • Haymaker says:

        Completely agree. I was being civil in a mad, mad world. Tony wouldn’t allow my real feelings to be published on his blog. Got shamed by a saleslady yesterday in a ski department for claiming we should have a great snow season this year. She killed the mood by claiming future droughts would end our ability to ski. They are a miserable bunch. I guess the warmests have lost the ability to sense rain and temperature on their skin. Rain, snow and cold fronts make them very, very angry.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Got shamed by a saleslady yesterday in a ski department for claiming we should have a great snow season this year.

          I would have gone straight to management. Her job is to sell; not to get political with customers.

        • Scissor says:

          Should have told her an asteroid will crash into the earth before then and besides she’ll probably die of cancer or heart disease.

    • Disillusioned says:

      …corrupt liberal warmest” ideology.

      ‘Warmest’ means the most warm. I don’t think that’s what you were going for.

      Although ‘warmists’ do [wrongly] think temperatures are the ‘warmest’ ever, I think the term you actually meant use was ‘warmist,’ (with the i instead of the e). It indicates and ‘ism’ – or a belief – [warmism] – and is not an indication of how warm or cold something is. FWIW

  3. scott allen says:

    I just watched a PBS show on the largest airplane in the world (Antonov AN225). The airplane was transporting construction dies from China to DIA. The Antonov was used because of its large/heavy load capability. They were promoting all the workings of this plane, showcasing the plane and its flight from China and landing in Denver International. In the flight it burned over 500,000 pounds of fuel.

    The irony of it all was that the Antonov was hauling dies for wind turbine blades. The sad part is this was just one of many flights for the Antonov, all over the world to haul wind turbines

  4. Pete says:

    How about this example of progressive thinking from The Guardian:

    Here they are, claiming that Hansen’s 1988 models have actually been perfectly spot on. They reach this conclusion by reducing his Scenario B trend by 27% and then saying: “see? everything panned out exactly like Hansen said it would”. Thoughts on this insanity?

    • KevinPaul says:

      The author is a contortionist physicist, not a real journalist because he is not impartial, and not a climate scientist either, just a freelance (good money to be made) propaganda artist for the establishment, so what else can we expect.
      He wasn’t averse in the past to pushing the alarmist poo pile while at the same time in the employ of an oil and gas advisory.
      When you look back on his past articles he’s fixated on the 97% to the point of mental illness.

      • Haymaker says:

        Can anyone tell me the story about the Australian who invented the 97% consensus study. I believe he was a web programmer working on a degree in philosophy concentrating in the psychology of influencing the masses. His story is ridiculous. But, sadly true.

  5. James Snook says:

    Another powerful video. Many thanks Tony.

    Regarding the U.K. blackout, the cause was not that two generators cut out (one a wind farm), but that there was insufficient inertia in the grid to prevent the frequency plummeting. The lack of inertia is directly due to the ever increasing solar and wind component of the generating mix. The only quick solution is to increase spinning reserve powered by fossil fuels. Unless this is done, at significant cost, we will be at constant risk of further blackouts.

  6. Dave N says:

    Cue alarmists labeling Gates with the “D” word simply because he’s more of a realist than them.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    “Democracy Dies in Darkness” seems to be their plan not their motto.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Ding ding ding ding! We have a winnah!

      Every time I read that dammed ‘darkness’ subhead, I think exactly what you said.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Bill Gates said: “We need to get something that works reliably.”

    Well …I take it that that means the “reliably” working “something” is NOT reliable coal and natural gas. Although “climate” activists may hate that he said it, I don’t take his comment as being AGW skeptical at all. Bill Gates is still Bill Gates.

    Hey there Billy – the natural gas and coal industries here in the U.S.A. are our friends. Embrace them!

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