New Video : Climocentricism

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  1. Ulric Lyons says:

    The warmest part of the Medieval Warm Period for Northern Europe was during the late 8th century (Esper et al 2014) when Greenland (GISP2) was at its coldest for 3450 years.
    The particularly warm period from 1010 AD in the Greenland GIPS2 series was the Oort solar minimum.

    During centennial solar minima the AMO and Greenland are warmer, and El Nino episodes double in frequency, I don’t see how that translates to global cooling. A warm AMO phase also reduced continental glaciers.

    US tree proxies are not a good proxy for Europe regarding the period 1100 to 1375. The Little Ice Age series of grand solar minima began 1215, Europe was generally colder from then, and Baffin Island (Moore et al. 2001) shows a very warm period from 1200 to exactly the year 1375 which had rapid cooling in Baffin Island, but was an exceptionally warm year in Northern Europe.

    SST’s proxies by SE Greenland from 400 AD:

  2. Ulric Lyons says:

    A winter like 1683-84 can occur at anytime, just like the very mild winter of 1685-86 can. They were due to the quadrupole configurations of the four gas giants at the time. 1686 had the same Jovian configuration type as with the heat of 1934, 1948-49, 1976, 2003, and 2017-18.

    Read about one of the most severe winters of the last 2000 years, in 763-764, nowhere near a centennial solar minimum. There was plenty of hot weather a year either side of it.

  3. Archie says:

    That human population needs to be “controlled” or more specifically, reduced, to me is a no brainer. I don’t know how we make the leap from unsustainable population to eugenics and death camps. Just as the climate change agenda is derailing legitimate environmental action, population control shouldn’t get mixed up with the crazy idiotic climate change agenda, whatever that may be.

    Tony has a plea to save Boulder wet lands at the head of his Blog. I’ve watched the Front Range of Colorado explode with growth and development over the last 30 years, little of which would have happened if population weren’t exploding. While maybe humans don’t control the weather, we aren’t just innocent bystanders to all that goes on!

      • Archie says:

        Okay, so population can never get too high and all efforts to control population amount to totalitarian oppression. The Earth’s resources are infinite, I suppose? No? Then what’s your solution?

    • gofer says:

      Most all of population growth stems from immigration. Numbers USA has the data and lobbies for enforcement on illegal immigration and more sensible policies. Population estimated to be 400 million by 2050-60.

      • Archie says:

        So, I’m anti immigration. I have no problem copping to that. However, the immigrants are coming from areas with unbridled population growth. If a people wish to breed without limit then let them. But don’t expect I’ll invite them into my home or try to save them from self inflicted disease and starvation. Yeah, life’s a bitch when you have to face consequences of your own actions.

        • Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

          If you’re so smart, Archie, what’s your solution? Let me warn you that if you reach your coveted position of power, you may end up like Mussolini. Maybe not killed immediately, but definitely at the mercy of a mob whose lives you ruined.

          • Archie says:

            My solution is to gripe and hold on until enough individuals gain enough enlightenment to spontaneously make the change. Alternatively, watch while the whole thing comes crashing down. Human nature hasn’t changed for tens of thousands of years and I don’t expect it to change now. We WILL hit the wall. It’s just a matter of time. I’m no exception. Individually, I live relatively close to the bone. If everyone lived like me, the US economy would crash but the world would still “hit the wall.” Unsustainable should be an easy concept to understand.

            Oh, and I don’t see anything in my replay above to indicate that I desire dictatorial powers. I just don’t have an obligation to pull someone out of the hole that they dug for themself.

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