New Video : How NASA/CSIRO Create Fake Sea Level Rise

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8 Responses to New Video : How NASA/CSIRO Create Fake Sea Level Rise

  1. Cornelius says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe the NASA graph you are showing runs up to only 2013, truncating a more recent leveling off of sea level rise. But, I can’t recall where I saw the graph that included the past few years. Most likely you know where to look.

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    Don’t knock us.
    Remember the motto of the Flat Earth Society.
    “We Are On The Level”

  3. Lasse says:

    Thanks Tony
    But I am eager to show the real stuff.
    What is acceleration?
    It is the change in the trend, and You should be able to show this with NOAAs figures.
    In fact the are descent enough to show them.

    50 Year trend and a clear view of acceleration/decceleration over the years.
    No reason to panic it is regular periodic and You can see it all over the world.
    Even in Stockholm!

  4. Monkie says:

    Hum why not always cite the data you are referring to?

  5. Tony Smith says:

    Great Sea Level Video highlighting Climate hysteria

    I have a great topic for one of your videos.

    Ever wondered, if mankind burnt every last drop of fossil fuel, how much carbon it would add to the system?
    3.4 % extra Carbon would be added to the Carbon cycle, thats it, a tiny amount!

    The whole debate of climate alarmism is about adding 3.4% extra carbon to the system.

    Before the industrial revolution here is the breakdown of the Carbon cycle (only 3.4% was fossil fuels)
    GtC % carbon
    Atmosphere 613 1.42%
    Fossil Fuel 1,469 3.40%
    Biosphere 2,471 5.71%
    Total Ocean 38,706 89.48%

    The Best bit is a climate alarmist video uncovered this fact, so they are going to have a hard job refuting this!

  6. Dr Francis Manns says:

    NOAA is guilty of blocking this data. Any ideas would be most welcome.

  7. mddwave says:

    I liked the graph with all 300+ seal level measurements over time. With that chart, it is obvious to me that the NASA/CSIRO reported chart is manipulated.

    I am curious. Is there a link to your file? Or a link to the source of the data?

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