New Video : “The Earth Began In 1960”

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6 Responses to New Video : “The Earth Began In 1960”

  1. Archie says:

    At around 6 minutes Tony says that Zeke started his graph, at a low point. While the rest of the graph supports the fraud Zeke may have intended, Tony’s words are confusing since he stressed that Zeke started at a low point. In fact, Zeke should have started at a high point. Perhaps he started where he did so as to be not quite so obvious? Either way, Tony’s narration is confusing. Had the graph been for temperature instead of sea ice, Tony’s narration would have made sense.

    • tonyheller says:

      He started after the warm period which melted the sea ice was over, and at the beginning of the cold period when the sea ice rapidly grew.

      I said exactly what I intended to say. He cherry-picked a cold period to start the graph. I am not comparing ice extent – rather I am using ice as a proxy for temperature.

      • Winston says:

        Your last sentence is the point that isn’t clear in the video; I, too, was confused at that point in the video. I think it would have been clearer if the sea ice extent had not been brought up, just the fact that Zeke cherry picked his starting point, or perhaps National Geo did, for reporting temperature trend.

  2. Archie says:

    I just found it a bit confusing since it seems a better point to start would have been the following peak in ice which must have corresponded to a lower temperature. Maybe I just got confused but the ice chart instead of it being a temperature chart. His warming trend would then have been much more exaggerated. I’m only nit picking since any small discretion would be exploited by those who might wish to refute your assertions. I know that there are “valid explanations” for everything that’s being done to the historical data. He who controls the data controls the conclusions. Your work has really ruined any chance I may have had of believing the “Climate Change Narrative.”

  3. Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

    Your remark on creationism is spot on, and even they aren’t buying it. Had the Nye Ham debate back in 2014 been about climate change, it would’ve been like this…
    Ham: The world is four billion years old and robust…
    Nye: No! It’s six thousand years old and fragile!
    I wish many evolutionists didn’t have such a cognitive dissonance. For shame, Nye and Attenborough. For shame.

  4. Lartin Muther says:

    Another great video–you must really be getting under their skin Tony. Have you seen this “debunking” response?

    A mildly skeptical teenager with some critical thinking skills could see that nothing was debunked, just deflection and more AGW assertions. Incredible to see how desperate they are getting. Thanks for the great work.

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