New Video : The Wayward Jet Stream

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10 Responses to New Video : The Wayward Jet Stream

  1. GeologyJim says:

    I applaud your taste in music, Tony –

    Patsy Cline, Exceptional American

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    This one was by Patsy Cline, which I don’t recall hearing.
    Very nice.
    Gogi Grant had the big hit with the song.
    But in looking it up, it was in 1956.
    I thought it was in 1954, the year of my HS grad.

    • Donna K Becker says:

      Yes, you’re right; the original was by Gogi Grant. I recognized subtle differences in this recording. Oddly, I have recurring dreams of performing this song at recitals or talent shows. Patsy Cline was indeed a great artist.

    • Snorbert Zangox says:

      I think that the original by Gogi Grant had more energy and power and I still like it best.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Snorbert, welcome to Real Climate Science. It is likely just a personal preference, but I don’t think there was ‘more energy and power’ in the Grant version. Although I like both versions, I prefer this one over the Gogi original. That is probably because I heard both versions many years after the original debuted, before I was born, and I have no ear-bias from hearing one on the radio before the other. Dunno.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Patsy Cline was still growing up like me when this song came out. It is appropriate in this context.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    I Fall To Pieces whenever I hear Patsy Cline sing, as Crazy as that may sound.

  4. G W Smith says:

    Great song. Cold images. Lonely bike. Loyal dogie. This too shall pass.

  5. annieoakley says:

    Loyal dog certainly. Mine turned around at the door and refused to go out.

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