Rapid Glacial Retreat During NASA’s Coldest Years On Record

The Nisqualy Glacier in Mount Rainier National Park, rapidly retreated from 1857 to 1918. By 1918, it was retreating one foot every three days.

10 Sep 1918, 2 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald at Newspapers.com

According to NASA, earth had been cooling since 1880 – and those were the coldest years on record.

graph.png (1130×600)

CO2 seems to be able to identify National Park boundaries, and warm the area inside twice as fast as the area outside the boundaries. Climate alarmists believe CO2 is is a very smart, and evil gas.

National Parks are warming twice as fast as rest of US

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7 Responses to Rapid Glacial Retreat During NASA’s Coldest Years On Record

  1. Lance says:

    Can’t be warming twice as fast…..our dear leader in Ottawa said Canada is warming twice as fast as everywhere else…..so SOMEWHERE it is cooling twice as fast….I think Alberta is lately….maybe Colorado….

  2. -B- says:

    And the CO2 produced in China has no effect at all. Only the CO2 produced in western nations can cause climate change.

  3. Mr Garga says:

    Photographs illustrating the retreat and advance of the glacier’s west ice margin in a reach extending for about a mile (1.6 kilometers) downstream from Wilson Glacier show that, by 1965, most of the ice thickness lost in that area between 1890 and 1944 had been recovered. Withering of the stagnant valley tongue down glacier from the nunatak is portrayed, as is its spectacular reactivation in the 1960’s by a vigorous advance of fresh ice.

    Must have happened because of the warming…

  4. Sonny Thorgren says:

    Tony, if you could find the time to mail me – please do. My opinion is that we are experiencing a very dangerous future if the truth about climate do not reach more than those who are already aware of the threat. I do not know if I can contribute in any way, since my only access is my wit, my geological education (rather short though) and my general scientific scepticism, but maybe I can be of use in your struggle in some way.

    If not – keep up your good work, it is of the utmost value!

  5. Wolfgang Black says:

    The media is now constantly putting out stories that are beyond absurd.
    Looks like TheOnion was a virus that infected all the mainstream media.

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