Thanks And Apologies

People have been very generous making donations via the PayPal button on my blog. This has been very helpful, particularly because I haven’t been working for the past month. Unfortunately I have not been very good at thanking them for it. Hopefully this will change soon – as I am expecting to get some help soon managing the blog.

Thanks for your support! And my apologies.

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49 Responses to Thanks And Apologies

  1. Joshua Peterson says:

    Thank you for all you are doing, sir, for the world and our posterity.

  2. Jan de Jong says:

    Just carry on. You’re doing great!

  3. Marc Godard says:

    Thanks for everything.

    Something of interesting for you… maybe…

    • Christopher Witzel says:

      Tony got a shout out!

    • -B- says:

      I think the narrator of the video is far too hopeful. A glacier could be moving south through the great lakes region and it will still be the hottest year ever. The UN isn’t going to go ‘aw shucks the data doesn’t support CO2 climate change’ and give up on world collectivism. The only way the gears can shift away from CO2 is if the new thing can be made into a bigger threat and a more dire need for central management of a global collective. They probably won’t even admit they were wrong about CO2 then, they’ll just say the new threat overshadows what man emitted CO2 has done.

  4. Daniel B· says:

    I’VE GOT IT?!

    THE question is how to bring the thoroughly ingrained climate change SCAM to an end, before they have us living in a matchbox, without personal automobiles, and eating bugs. Hyperbole? I think not; just the other day I was reading the UK Times newspaper where the climate alarmists were saying that switching to electric cars didn’t go far enough, and for the planet to survive we would ultimately have to give up our automobiles entirely…

    SO, how do we make a big enough splash to wake up the entire world to this monstrous SCAM?

    Your good self challenges anyone of merit to a debate with the following rules:

    1. Crucially, if you lose the debate (highly unlikely with fair adjudication), the climate change skeptic community would gladly pickup a kilotonne of environmental trash (roadside etc), that would be disposed of responsibly, such as by recycling everything permitted at the local community level.

    The deadline for completing the garbage collection would be a year following the debate, where, at a minimum, the garbage must be weighed in a clear plastic bag (to ensure the same trash isn’t being re-weighed every time), and documented by video, where the videos would be available for anyone to see.

    The collections would be tallied on a web site that documents each individual collection (shown in descending date order), with link to video and grand total shown at the top of the page.

    This concession by our community would demonstrate that we are just as concerned about the environment as anyone else, and also, because NO prize money is involved, no one can claim the debate has been funded by the fossil fuel industry etc.

    2. The debate would last for say two hours (or more), to be livestreamed on YouTube (hopefully with legacy media coverage too), where each side would open with a half an hour speech, with multimedia support, that must be submitted a week prior to the debate to the other side, so they can provide an in-depth rebuttal at the time of the debate.

    3. Ideally the debate would be adjudicated by a TRULY impartial judge, who could on the spot shoot down erroneous arguments made by the alarmists, based purely on the evidence presented. They would then ultimately rule on who won the debate, and hopefully end this shameful hijacking of the scientific community, likely in a unjustified attempt to drastically reduce the world’s population.

    Anyone who thinks the science is settled on “climate change” should also visit the Petition Project ( ), where “31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs” that states:

    “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon
    dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”

    John Coleman (1934-2018), Founder of the Weather Channel, RIP.

    Daniel B· (YouTube: danny8bit)
    Software Engineer (retired)
    Inventor of the PS3 (powered by your PowerPC chip) Bookmarklet (sadly, I just discontinued it after nine years, as it was time), that included a cool YouTube Subs XMB UI, that showed ones subscription videos in a XMB style interface, where each column represented a different channel (plus extras, such as Settings and filtered Search etc).

    • -B- says:

      I have been arguing for years that behind the EV push, new urbanists, and a variety of other agendas is a single agenda to eliminate private passenger automobile ownership and use from people of ordinary means and turn it back into a rich man’s toy. To take full control over people’s transportation.

      At some point I believe they will even try to leverage the costs of falls from bicycles to eliminate that, for bicycling offers far too much freedom for them to tolerate.

      The control agenda has been clear for a long time now but I find it remarkable that someone put into mainstream print for everyone to notice while there is still time to push back.

      • Daniel B· says:

        This is why it’s so critical that we start fighting back, on a GRAND scale, as whilst Tony is doing fine work debunking the climate alarmists BOGUS claims, frankly a YouTube channel with a million subs isn’t going to make that much of an impact, let alone one with 50K. This is in part because Google is likely embroiled in this SCAM, so will do plenty to stifle opposition, such as minimizing exposure of our community’s content, and censoring positive YouTube comments (see my latest video).

        The Times Saturday newspaper led today with “PM backs clean air law”, where they say Boris Johnson “has backed the Times clean air campaign”, and a leading part of The Times manifesto, as mentioned in the article, is “A ban on sales of new diesel and petrol cars from 2030 and cuts on green car grants to be reversed.”.

        Let me make this ABUNDANTLY clear; there’s ABSOLUTELY no way our planet has the resources that would allow us all to be driving electric cars, with a majority unable to afford the significant cost differential, so this would inevitably mean a MASSIVE reduction in personal freedom, being restricted to public transport etc.

        I’d absolutely be open to a conversation about improving air quality in city centers, but before we do that WE MUST DESTROY this laughable claim that CO2 is a pollutant, that must be curbed at all costs. I thought catalytic converters had made great strives in this area, and surely when they discovered the likes of VW had purposelessly flouted the diesel emissions tests, they should have been forced to recall all effected vehicles, and where they’re unable to achieve the required emissions standards, they should been required to refund customers in full.

    • Emslander says:

      Except for government propaganda, no one takes the climate changers seriously any more. The kids taught in government schools and rewarded for taking the medicine they are fed will forget it as soon as they have to face life. Tony has the facts and those facts will be available whenever truth is once more valued in public life.

      I like the canard that says, “A lie is passed around the world five times before the truth can get its boots tied.” Truth, though, is the best antidote.

      • Disillusioned says:

        “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect…”
        –Jonathan Swift

        • Emslander says:

          But it’s effect is what? Passing hysteria and damage to those who enjoy spreading lies. The fact that truth is late doesn’t make it the loser.

          I’m not so fatalistic as Swift.

        • Disillusioned says:

          But it’s effect is what?

          There are many. Are you familiar with the EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding and the closed power plants and restrictions put on industry because of that fraudulent “finding”? Do you know how much energy prices skyrocketed in the UK?

          I’m not so fatalistic as Swift.

          Yeah, I’m all for positive thinking. But the owners of businesses that had to close because of CO2 regulation, the pensioners in the UK that could not afford to heat their homes – all of those that have suffered and are suffering from real repercussions of this madness may not share your opinion. Hysteria in action has real world consequences.

      • Daniel B· says:

        Just think how much farther along UN Agenda 21/30 would have progressed if President Trump hadn’t of won in 2016, and yet, NOAA / NASA are still permitted to propagate the climate change SCAM…

        What hard evidence do we have that senior politicians know climate change is complete BS? How about ex-Governor Gerry Brown doing sod all to insist that SoCalGas promptly plug their massive Aliso Canyon methane leak, that wiped out California’s supposed gains in fighting climate change for a whole year! Not forgetting that Brown and HRC love them some fracking, which inevitably releases a ton of methane (not that the methane released would have any effect on global temperatures, but fracking is a dirty business, with 20% of wells losing integrity, leading to the leaching of the toxic chemicals used into fresh water sources).

        I find it funny that frackers insisted that all the minor earthquakes caused, in areas of the U.S. where earthquakes were exceptionally rare, had nothing to do with fracking, however in the U.K. the authorities ended up imposing a 0.5 magnitude limit, where if they exceeded this level, as Cuadrilla did recently causing a 2.9 magnitude quake, they had to immediately cease activity. Fracking in the U.K. is now effectively dead.

        Despite Trump representing a major roadblock to this agenda (I think he has excellent changes in 2020), as Disillusioned has eluded to, there will still be significant implications if we can’t bring this insidious SCAM to a grinding halt.

        So how can we realistically do this? I thought my debate idea, with the huge concession from our side (not that we’d ever have to fulfill this requirement, given the evidence plainly supports our case), would create a big enough splash, and highlighted that plenty of us just as concerned about the environment. Granted, a flaw with my idea is that, given fair debate conditions, as we’d have such a strong case, the alarmists would recognize this a refuse the challenge, but we could counter this by strongly highlighting the kilotonne concession, asking the question, “If you consider yourselves such stalwart custodians of our wondrous planet, and you believe the evidence supporting your case is insurmountable, why wouldn’t you relish forcing the climate change “deniers” cleaning up a kilotonne of trash???”.

  5. James says:

    Thank you for the voice of reason.

  6. Ian Parkinson says:

    Hi Tony, thanks for all the great work you do unmasking the climate fraudsters. I just thought I’d drop you a quick line to say that I’ve been permanently suspended from Twitter for calling Katherine Hayhoe a fraud. I thought it might be useful for you and your followers to know that that is how Twitter are going about silencing scientific dissent. Be careful what you say! It would be a great loss if you were removed from Twitter.

    Did you also know that Youtube have started to attach a “global warming facts” link to some of your videos? It’s in the place where normally you would put the video’s title — and it’s a link to Wikipedia.

    Anyway, keep it up!

  7. G W Smith says:

    You’re the man, Tony! Keep it up!

  8. CONAN says:

    I agree… went to one address and it was one that was good but not on the website. Send the money… I do support you, BUT NOT A WORD, NOT EVEN NOTIFICATION THAT YOU RECEIVED.

  9. Haymaker says:

    Tony! Your a breath of fresh air in a world of some miserable people. I get excited everytime you decide to research and tell a new truth. I believe your outing of the tall tale tellers will make you a very important person in the worlds future. Thank you for your hard work.

  10. Richard Haas says:

    No worries!

    Keep Fighting the Good Fight!



  11. Thanks for all you do Tony…
    As I mentioned before, but maybe you hadn’t seen, the Brave browser is very good, is privacy centered, and is using BAT (Basic Attention Token) a cryptocurrency that can be converted to Bitcoin like any other. BAT pays people directly for their attention, instead of advertising dollars going elsewhere. Then we give it to our favorite providers (YOU). Cool concept. I like Brave better than most, it replaced Firefox for me. Anyway, if you sign up to receive BAT, I would just donate mine to you each month (because I visit your amazing blog first thing every day). It isn’t much, but if 1,000 people did it, I think it would add up!

  12. A Green says:

    I live in Japan and can’t make donations via Japanese Paypal. Maybe it’s the same in other places. Crowd funding platforms like Patreon are OK however.

  13. Steve Close says:

    No worries, Tony, you’re the best! I saw this post on “it’s ok to be smart”, endorsing the 97% BS. I formerly liked their info, but they’ve lost ALL credibility with this consensus garbage. I recall your video exposing how the 97% was arrived at and how another look at the same data produce an opposite result. Ridiculous. Not surprisingly it’s PBS sponsored … our tax dollars to promote propaganda. smh

  14. Aaron Dean Bell says:

    Tony, or Mr. Heller, what explains this phenomenon in Colorado and does it have anything to do with so-called climate change, or is it some sort of freaky anomaly? Maybe you can address this in one of your upcoming videos. I am sure it has many people miffed. Thank you for the work you do. ~ Aaron Dean Bell

    • tonyheller says:

      We had very similar weather this week in 2009, at the start of that La Nina.

    • arn says:

      This is a phenomenon that

      a)has occured many many times in many many regions on this planet
      and long before mankind and fossil fuel existed

      b)must not exist in the global warming era.
      As such huge temperature drops shpuld be prevented by almighty evil co2.(=huge temperature increases could be attributed to co2 but not huge drops.
      They did not even dare to missuse such events for AGW before they renamed global warming into climate change as cooling always destroyed their narrative,
      but now it is climate change and every anomalie can be missused for propaganda.

      huge temperature drops/increases are absolutely normal in deserts where
      temperatures regularly vary between 2 C(night) and 45+ C(day)
      and the reason is indeed climate gas=h2o
      or more precise the absence of it.
      As long as there are clouds it never gets so hot during the day qnd never so cold during night.(the co2 concentration is irrellevant()

  15. Klaus says:

    I am so happy for your website and your reason, always so well documented. Keep up the good work!

  16. feathers says:


    No apology necessary. Please keep doing what you do. You have our respect and trust, and we need you to keep chipping away at Borg.

  17. Ketflix says:

    same happening to dutch data
    if you’d like to show this in a vid I can send a pdf

    keep it up!

  18. Walter says:

    With less than 12 years till we all die, and the earth becomes an empty globe in space, apologies aren’t needed. It’s the children we should apologies to. We destroyed their world. The Horror. The Horror.

  19. anothermaninthemirror says:


    Have you seen this web page? It’s worth a visit if just to read the huge amount of individuals, companies, organisations who reject this Climate Change fraud, their credentials, who they are who finances them etcetera. They are all listed.

    Unless I missed it, your fame hasn’t yet been recorded in their “Global Warming Disinformation Data base” arrived at by clicking on the “Research Database” tab on their web site, Url below.

    Quote; “Welcome to the DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database where you can search and browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders from taking needed action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and fight global warming. Choose a tab below to view the lists of climate science denier individuals and organizations.”

    A huge amount of work has gone into gathering the data on this website.

    We who reject this Climate Change fraud, someone to log all these names and some computer savvy individual to set up a inter connected network of all these of individuals, companies, organisations, so as to all share all this misinformation being pumped out by the cult of Alarmist Catastrophic Climate Change in order to get more traction.

    One is surprised that this data has been concentrated on one website, mainly with a view one supposes to exposing the individuals, companies, organisations who reject this Climate Change fraud. On the other hand this data could be used to set up a inter connected network of all these of individuals, companies, organisations who reject this Climate Change fraud.

    Keep up the good work you are getting traction.


  20. Luc Ozade says:

    Hey Tony, greetings.

    I just discovered a ‘weirdity’: I was refreshing/renewing some of the shortcuts I have on my computer and when trying to put a new one to this site, it refused to do it!

    Is this something you know about? Is Google censoring your site? I was using Chrome and it didn’t happen to any other, very bland, sites taken at random.

  21. Luc Ozade says:

    It DID create a shortcut to this page (which I tried doing later) – just not to your home page. Strange!

  22. Brian D says:

    Hit the tip jar a few days ago for the first time. Also, a news outlet called “Epoch Times” gave a reference to your blog a couple weeks ago. They started about 20 years ago, and are now picking up steam in subscribers as they grow. They are an international paper that is conservative leaning. They send out a weekly newspaper, with daily online articles, and a daily digital paper. NBC did a hit piece on them this past summer which shows they are a threat to the left MSM. Very good journalism!

  23. Kerry Smyth says:

    How does one contact Tony Heller?

  24. Donald Cowgill says:

    How does one gain access to the news clippings that Tony places into his videos? I would consider this to be a very useful tool.

  25. Patrick Powers says:

    The UK’s ITV (Independent Television) network today publishes this – of course at the time of the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

    I thought perhaps you might like to comment on it?

  26. Brian Frise says:

    I’m with you bud.. view from my western Canadian office a couple weeks ago

  27. Razi Saydjari says:

    Mr. Heller I need your permission to use your graphs in a rebuttal to a publication in the American College of Surgeons titled Climate change: What does it mean for the future of surgery? My rebuttal has been accepted for publication. Please email me ASAP.

  28. Martin says:

    Hey, Tony. This 11,000 scientists doomsday warning that is in all the media right now needs to be addressed…

    Hoping you might do a piece on this…

    Love your work!

    • John says:

      The climate alarmists are becoming seriously desperate when they need to ask an Engineer, various students of unclear field (students are not researchers), a consultant, architects, family physician, orthopedic, physician, internal medicine, linguist, economist, geneticist, pediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist etc to sign a paper to convince people of a “climate crisis”?

      Below is the source article about from a Swedish woman who shreds the idea that 11000 “scientists” are supporting the idea of a “climate crisis”. Since when have an economist or linguistic have anything to do with climate?

      • Martin says:

        I did wonder about who the supposed 11,000 “scientists” were… mostly BS, of course… but the media have latched onto it big-time. Thanks for the link.

  29. Martin says:

    And if you haven’t seen this, it’s excellent:

  30. Colin Orr says:

    Hi Tony
    Thank you so much for being a beacon of reason.
    As a fellow deer lover are you able to turn your sights on this tosh which appeared on the local university website?
    I may be funding this !
    Colin Orr Canberra Australia

  31. Chrsitopher Marshall says:

    Tony you are doing fantastic work. I applaud you.

    Joseph Postma would love to talk to you if you are willing. He’s on twitter, maybe say hey?

    You visit his site

    If not keep up the fight anyway. Those of like mind need to stick together. I’m sure you guys could have a great deal to chat about via emails. He talks to many scientists by email.

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