Burn The Heretic

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24 Responses to Burn The Heretic

  1. ClimateYogi says:

    Noble Peace Prize!

    • Tina says:

      I second that motion, and add a nomination for the Physics prize. Plus “Literature” for his preservation of the actual historical reports and data as written down.

    • nfw says:

      A real one, not like Dr Mann’s. Although it was a very nice real fake certificate he created for himself.

  2. paul courtney says:

    Mr. Crellin: Mr. Heller should be told, in a very cross tone, not to fib; then he should be elevated to a GD cabinet post and clean house. BTW, above post on the adjustments is so damning, please keep showin’ up, Mr. Heller.

  3. Gator says:

    What lies? I’m not aware of Tony altering actual data to support a false premise.

    The laddy doth project too much, methinks

  4. Noel Herron says:

    Tony Im sure you are terrified, and can’t sleep at night. PIRA ,Hamas or Isis they are not. Just a wee group of frustrated Walter Mitty losers. Have a wee glass of Blackbush Irish whiskey for me and screw them.

    PS While on ops I had a small hip flask with a wee touch of Bush in it, it worked wonders when things needed a lift.

  5. know bull savage says:

    a) Noble Prize ( the real kind … not one Mann-made )

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Nice of him to outline what should happen to climate fraudsters like the IPCC.

    However people who are realist tend not to be monsters like climate totalitarians seem to be, so we’d only prosecute them and send them to jail.

  7. KevinPaul says:

    Ha, I read it as Breton Cretan…all the same, Freud was right about some things.
    What a lame puny poll. The net seems to filling up with “I’m the duck’s nuts” narcissists.

  8. Bob Hoye says:

    The amazing thing is that Tony exposes the frauds promoted by the climate promotion.
    And, obviously, many tweeters refuse to see the fraud.
    Even when clearly displayed.
    Both with graphs and the old headlines.
    Sometime soon the mania of delusion will break.
    The “Flagellant” hysteria of the late 1300s and early 1400s eventually faded away.
    But, sadly, not before some that would not join the scourging were murdered by the maddened crowd of flagellants.

  9. Natasha B. says:

    The “Climatists™” have made a rookie cult mistake, they have chosen a measurable substance as the ‘Champion’ (CO2) of their doctrine. This is actually a good thing for the ‘heretics’ as it will show that the Climatist’s prophecies are all false in a relatively short amount of time. Smart cultists know that you have to base your doctrine on something that is not measurable and therefore impossible to refute. So just keep on trucking and get yourself an E-Meter, a quality product that is produced by ‘smart’ cultists or you could stock up on an old favourite such as “Holy Water™.”

    P.S. I have limited time offer of 50% off the price of family packs of “Dark Matter Repellent™.”

  10. Laurie says:

    Please be assured, Tony, you have made and continue to make a tremendous, positive impact on those of us who are interested in climate facts.

  11. toorightmate says:

    I have a poll going:
    “How should Mother Theresa be held to account for her gross cruelty to humans?”

  12. Michael says:

    They need to get more creative with their punishments. I didn’t see “Make him listen to Greta Thunberg for a full day.”

    • Winston says:

      There is real danger around the corner here. Pay very close attention to the Mann vs. National Review case in DC court that will now go to jury trial. Mann carefully shopped his case, and is very likely to win in his contention that a particular National Review article which maligned his “hockey stick” graph resulted in damages to Mr. Mann. In other words, case law is being set down and precedents are being set for future litigation against those who question the assertions of the AGW glitterati.

      There’s another point to this litigation, and that is to chill dissent due to the financial burden incurred when defending oneself in the court system. The National Review, should they manage to win their case, will still have spent well north of $1 million in their defense. Can Mr. Heller afford such a defense against frivolous cases? I submit that he is near the top of the list of who the climate totalitarians will go after next.

      Read more about it here: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/10/national-review-webathon-support-our-critical-free-speech-battle/

      • Michael says:

        Thank you for the link! Those are some serious ramifications at stake.

      • Laurie says:

        Haven’t read it – perhaps the article is objectively true regarding the pseudo-science of Mann’s work and yet included defamatory comments regarding aspects of his character, etc.?

        The public is actively being weaponized in this (AGW) regard.

  13. Bruce Oldaker says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your work. Please continue. I wish you had all of this up when I was busy teaching HS kids (and their parents) from 2002-2012 before final retirement.

    One minor comment: you misspelled “Ehrlich” in the second sentence of your second paragraph of your webpage titled “Fifty Years of Failed Apocalyptic Forecasts” that links Ehrlich, Holdren, and Obama.

    Bruce Oldaker

  14. Ross says:

    All that tweet says is Tony is hitting the right spot.

  15. Petit_Barde says:

    The climatistas moto :

    – If the raw data contradict the theory, fit the data.
    – When all arguments have failed, burn the Heretics.

  16. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Do we have a list of those sins?

    But you are picking up steam, very Tony Heller like zerohedge article again today:


    As for punishment I for either side I would nominate Meredith Perry and her tedx talk on ubeam. I is on youtube.

  17. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Brendan who?
    (“Congenital iodine deficiency syndrome, also known as cretinism is a condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth owing to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid hormone.”)

  18. nfw says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the leftie luvvie “progressives” are always into violence to silence their critics? Very Marxist Stalinist Leninist. Mustn’t forget Castro, Moa, Pol Pot and all the other tolerant luvvies. Didn’t Hilary want to establish education (read forced labour) camps to handle all the deniers?

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