The Scientific Explanation For The Record Cold

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9 Responses to The Scientific Explanation For The Record Cold

  1. Petit_Barde says:

    Indeed, snow being a thing of the past,
    only a warm mug (clearly warmed by a Trumpist red straw) could cause all this white rain.

    The science is settled !

  2. Tina says:

    HaHaHa!!!! Love it!

  3. Abolition Man says:

    Wait! You’re telling me that the RED straw is causing the cold temperatures; this can’t be! I was edumacated in Commifornia and I learned that that white stuff is just the solid state of Gorebull Warming or maybe it is the evil CO2 that Saint Greta sees with her miraculous powers! I think it far more likely the record cold was caused by the sinful caffeinated beverage that was carried in the Dark Chalice of Evil holding the RED straw. As the sinful caffeinated beverage cooled down it lowered the surrounding air temps and the evil CO2 caused a feedback to occur, driving us down near Absolute Zero! Speaking of Zero, I’m almost out of POT! Time to head to store where I can replenish my prescription and discuss how AGW is causing the electric blackouts and fires!

  4. Love those Trump Straws!

  5. MGJ says:

    The three worst things ever to happen evah! Plastic drinking straws, melting ice and President Trump. How could any white male gaze upon that picture without feeling suicidal levels of guilt?

    Presumably that was the general aim of it…?

  6. Peter Carroll says:

    I wish all you Trump loving deniers would take this climate stuff, seriously. If you don’t, the consequences could be catastrophic. You could be severely chastised; told off by a scowling Gerta Thingyburg saying, “How Dare You”! Or worse, you could incur the wrath of The Excretion Rebellion, and be demonstrated against. So yous all behave.

  7. David March, animator & fiddler says:

    A recent serious study asserts that readers submitting comments to articles online are contributing significantly to AGW, because of the massive computational analytics that most sites use to filter Spam, and the commercial coding tricks to defeat them, and insert adverts in the comments despite all those defenses.
    Authors of the study had to delay publication in order to include calculations of energy expended by NSA’s capture and processing of individual keystrokes from keyboards involved. Preliminary conclusions suggest that at least 12.23 percent of verified Anthropogenic Global Warming Temperature delta results from the heat generated around the world from online comments, and the associated computational, transmission, and storage manufacturing, transport and construction occasioned by them.

    Lament the disappearance of the Journal of Irreproducible Results, which antedated the death of humor in this nation by almost a full decade.

  8. Susan Cooper says:

    DAMN!!!! You really got me. I came back 3X looking for a video link never realizing the subtly of the photo.

  9. AndrewS says:

    Blame Commiefornia, The fires sucked all of the heat up into the stratosphere, which in turn pulled down the Arctic air to replace the previous tropospheric warmth.
    Actually I think there’s some truth to this, a similar thing happened last Summer(2018) with the eruption of Kilauea. So much heat was sucked away there was snow on Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea as a result.

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