The Ship To Nowhere

Chile just cancelled the climate conference.  These activists won’t get the opportunity to set civilization backwards by five centuries.

Activists set sail across the Atlantic to Chile to demand curbs on flying | Environment | The Guardian

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24 Responses to The Ship To Nowhere

  1. spike55 says:

    Chile Conference just got cancelled.’

    The natives are revolting.

    Hope they enjoy their trip. ;-)

  2. Al Shelton says:

    I believe that Chile cancelled COP25

  3. Bob Hoye says:

    Seven-week cruise.
    Where did the money come from?

    • arn says:

      Somehow these people always have all the time and money in the world for spectacular virtue signalling.

      (and maybe,if we take a closer look,we will always find a bunch of people who never had a real job,went to college as long as possible
      and every single one of them then tried to get a job that is funded either by taxpayer money or donations aquired by massive propaganda fearporn,guilt tripping or pretented philantrophy.)

      • Stella Ashley says:

        Let us hope they get sea sickness and are throwing up all the way there. They’ll be fit for nothing at the end of their journey, that is if they don’t turn back because of the cancellation.
        After that I bet most of them will opt for a flight home..

    • Dave N says:

      Also, what supplies do they have, how are they keeping them from going bad, etc? How were their clothes made, and what of? What powered the tools that made the ship?

      Taking a sailing ship apparently in order to stave off hypocrisy is not an easy task. They’d have to start from scratch, cut down the wood by hand using tools that were not manufactured using fossil fuels; the same going for their clothes, food etc.

      These morons either have no clue, or just choose to avoid thinking about any part of putting the trip together that relies on fossil fuels.

      Perhaps in schools when they’re indoctrinating kids into alarmism, perhaps they should do regular exercises to see what it would be like to not have anything at all that relies on fossil fuels – the kids willingness to protest would sure disappear in a hurry.

    • Alain says:

      George Soro’s of course, who else is getting involved with everybody’s’ business and making sure it end up in war!

  4. Scissor says:

    It’s almost certain that an alternative venue will be found. I wonder if any consideration will be given to these activists.

  5. Ray says:

    The”Change Course” banner was prophetic.

  6. Ben Vorlich says:

    The demonstrations and protests have been triggered by rising costs of energy and transport. The same as for the Gilets Jaunes in France. The cost of metro travel has been increased after electrical power went Renewable including 85% from solar. It’s unclear how that works at night. (sunset 8pm tonight)

  7. Gator says:

    Cowards! They cause the riot, and then they run away. Typical leftists…

  8. E.Martin says:

    Yet another Ship of Fools!

  9. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Another ship of climate fools

  10. annieoakley says:

    Is that an outboard on the dingy?

  11. Christopher Witzel says:

    I think Tony missed the gem from that article:

    Unlike Thunberg’s zero-emissions boat, there is an engine to bring the boat into port and avoid days becalmed at sea.

    “We will try to use it as little as possible but we do want to arrive on time,” said Bijker.

  12. lance says:

    Maybe, just maybe they will have to traverse the northwest passage to get to the new venue, since we ALL KNOW there is no ice……

  13. dp says:

    It would be interesting to know how many of them will be flying back to their home ports after this needless exposition.

  14. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Maybe they should have “Changed Course” when they were at uni – and done Physics instead.

  15. Bunkerville says:

    I suggest the Drake passage at the tip of South America as a short cut to get home. That should take care of that.

    • Dwight says:

      When you come to DC don’t forget to check out the National’s World Series Championship Parade….they recommend taking the METRO, it’s a win-win for convenience and traffic (and climate, etc…)

      • tonyheller says:

        I got caught on the Metro by the crowd leaving the parade. It was quite annoying having to fight to get on a packed train.

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