White Men Caused The Little Ice Age

The Guardian says white men caused the Little Ice Age by killing Native Americans after 1492 – and they say they will not be quiet about the “climate crisis.”

European colonization of Americas killed so many it cooled Earth’s climate | Environment | The Guardian

Interesting theory, given that rapid cooling began about 200 years before Columbus arrived in America.


The Little Ice Age started 40 years before Columbus showed up.

Through analyzing tree rings, the Arizona researchers have concluded that they have yet to see the first fruits of the so-called greenhouse effect, the warming of the earth that many say will result from humanity’s release of excessive heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

But Donald A. Graybill, who studies bristlecone pine trees growing at high elevations in the White Mountains of eastern California, has evidence that the carbon released into the air by the burning of fossil fuels like coal and gasoline is sharply stimulating the growth of bristlecones, both by serving as fertilizer and by making the elderly wonders more efficient in their use of water.

Lisa J. Graumlich, who examines the ring patterns of foxtail pine trees and western junipers in the Sierra Nevada, has compiled a detailed record of the year-to-year variation in temperature and precipitation over the last thousand years.

She has seen in the North American trees the feathery but unmistakable signatures of the Medieval Warm Period, a era from 1100 to 1375 A.D. when, according to European writers of the time and other sources, the climate was so balmy that wine grapes flourished in Britain and the Vikings farmed the now-frozen expanse of Greenland; and the Little Ice Age, a stretch of abnormally frigid weather lasting roughly from 1450 to 1850.

A Crucial Question “We can now see that these were global climate phenomena, not regional temperature variations,” she said. “The question is, how did we get those warmer temperatures during pre-industrial times, and what can we learn from those conditions about what is going on today?”

TimesMachine: December 1, 1992 – NYTimes.com

In the Ebb and Flow Of Ancient Glaciers, Clues to Next Ice Age – The New York Times

There is no indication humans had any impact on CO2 levels before about 1830.


The Guardian article is the work of a sociopath, but it does reflect the mindset of their editors – who believe genocide and depopulation is necessary to cool the planet.

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16 Responses to White Men Caused The Little Ice Age

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Upon reading it, on first blush, I would say they are insane. But you are right – it is sociopathic. They know what they want, and they know exactly what they are doing to achieve it. They have an Agenda… [21/2030].

  2. Archie says:

    “Researchers then calculated how much land indigenous people required and then subsequently fell into disuse, finding that around 55m hectares, an area roughly equivalent to France, became vacant and was reclaimed by carbon dioxide-absorbing vegetation.”

    Unbelievable! As if agriculture plants don’t use CO2. And 56 millions!!! I’d love to see how they came up with that number. As a white man, I’m getting pretty tired of being blamed for everything that has ever gone wrong, past present and future.

    • Cornelius says:

      Trying to remember where I’ve seen that before, a group placing blame for all the ills of the world on one race …

    • KevinPaul says:

      Before the white man came to my country, the natives were busy hunting and eating each other. They accepted the God of the white man because they could see he must be very potent, and so they stopped killing and eating their brethren and the white man because this God said it was not showing love to ones’ neighbor to do so.
      Cannibalism was practiced in many parts of North and South America before Columbus also.

      Political correctness makes me sick, it has gone way too far. You can’t please most of the people most of the time, because minorities have demanded they be pleased all of the time.

  3. Robertv says:

    Then it must have been Greta Thunberg’s ancestors the terrible Vikings who lived in Greenland. They were even more white than the spaniards.

  4. Robert Gipson says:

    At the risk of redundancy, as I commented last week, the arrival of Europeans coincided with the end of the most severe drought in North America in 2100 years, which lasted from 1150 AD to 1500 AD. This drought killed many more millions of native Americans than were killed by Europeans, hence the arrival of Europeans—ironically—actually heralded a decline in native American deaths, despite mass butchering by Europeans. The mega-drought caused the demise of vast and highly developed native American cultures from the Mississippian mound builders to the Anasazi, cultures all made possible by (like the Maya and Aztecs) the advent of cultivation of maize, a water-intensive crop. After a few centuries of this drought, the vast, complex, maize-based civilizations crumbled, people starved, were displaced, returned to haunter-gathering, and inter-tribal warfare began. Populations were more than decimated. The scattered tribes most of us are now familiar with, the ones encountered by the first European explorers like De Soto, were only shattered, unrecognizable remnants of the magnificent civilizations destroyed by the unprecedented, centuries-long drought. This drought has been confirmed by *real* science: isotope data from lake bed sediments. For example, https://www.nature.com/articles/srep41628

  5. MGJ says:

    The population explosion in Southern Africa, following the arrival of the White Man, presumably pushed things in the other direction…but the genocide myth (56 million!!!) isn’t quite so easy to propagate, running with that story.

    • Phil. says:

      The widespread decimation of native american populations is well documented and has been known for many years, the unknown has been what disease cause it. Beginning in 1545, for example, a virulent disease killed about 15 million Aztecs, DNA evidence has recently identified the disease as a Salmonella strain. According to the accounts of a contemporary Spanish historian in 1577: “In the cities and large towns, big ditches were dug, and from morning to sunset the priests did nothing else but carry the dead bodies and throw them into the ditches,”
      Cortez conquered Mexico in 1519 when the population was about 25 million, outbreaks of diseases such as smallpox and the one mentioned above left about 1.2 million survivors.

  6. MGJ says:

    Let me see…so, on the one hand, all white men are fundamentally evil and incapable of doing good in the world. But they made the world colder, which is deemed to be good. So white men are simultaneously good and evil at the same time. Yes, I think that passes the Logic4Leftists test.

  7. Noel Herron says:

    A Joseph goebbeles school of propaganda device, tell a lie , repeat it often enough it becomes the truth. What does it boil down to , white man bad , must be done away with.

  8. DJR says:

    This will play into the rewilding narrative, as championed by (Guardian journalist and vegan) George Monbiot. Watch Monbiot quote this “research” in support of taking livestock farmers off the land, and letting it rewild.

  9. GeoDent says:

    I’ve always been ashamed of the (white) European buffalo hunters who slaughtered millions of plains bison for sport, tongues, or hides. But now, with so much recent education by experts, into the real causes of global warming, I’ve become grateful. Just imagine how hot it would be if those animals had continued to spew unimaginable amounts of methane flatulence into the air. Of course, they’ve been replaced with cattle, but at least we were saved temporarily. I bet someone, more clever than I, could do a detailed study and find data to support the suggestion…graphs with numbers of bison on one axis, annual temperatures at very selected locations on another, and so on. I bet it could get big-money funding.
    And remember…statistics are like bikinis: what they reveal is tantalizing, but what they conceal is crucial.

  10. Gary Hoffman says:

    From Harvard University Press:

    “When Europeans first arrived in North America, they faced a cold new world. The average global temperature had dropped to lows unseen in millennia, and its effects were stark and unpredictable: blizzards and deep freezes, droughts and famines, and winters when even the Rio Grande froze. This period of climate change has come to be known as the Little Ice Age, and it played a decisive role in Europe’s encounter with the lands and peoples of North America. In A Cold Welcome, Sam White tells the story of this crucial period in world history, from Europe’s earliest expeditions in an unfamiliar landscape to the perilous first winters at Santa Fe, Quebec, and Jamestown.”

    Sam White, A Cold Welcome: The Little Ice Age and Europe’s Encounter with North America (2017) (ISBN 9780674971929)

  11. Louisa Hooffstetter says:

    But, but, but…
    When the Indians died the buffalo population would have exploded and their farts would have offset the uptake of CO2 from the reforestation.

  12. Jeffk says:

    Don’t you know it’s because socialism will reduce CO2 emissions … after power outages from bankrupt public energy happens more and more

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