World’s Record Heatwaves Of The 1920s

There is only one long-term GHCN station in the interior of Africa. It is located at Zinder, Niger.  The record heatwave there was 123 consecutive days over 100F from March 7 to July 7, 1922 – peaking at 121F on April 22. Average maximum temperature during that stretch was 113F.

BOM used to have this web page up showing the world record heatwave of 1923-1924 at Marble Bar, West Australia.

BOM – Australian Climate Extremes

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  1. Norilsk says:

    This is beyond torture. Article after artical shattering the CO2 hypothesis. But may I add one more?

    Venus suffers from the same cooler temperatures at higher elevations as Earth does. The temperature of Venus at the surface is virtually constant at about 462 C, at he highest point about 380 C, not accelerating rapidly as the climate gurus claim.

    I hestitate to say that CO2 is irrelevant, but it is insignificant, nothing to worry about.

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