New Video : “Fighting Global Warming For Fifty Years”

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  1. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, again thank you for this.

    Your parting words ring true. “We need to find out who is financing this propaganda.”

    As with most mysteries in this world, when there is no logical explanation, the answer is likely to be “this is all politics,” and the best start to solving an enigma is the old adage “Follow the money.”

    This alarmist catastrophic climate change cult on reflection in 50 years from now , will have people looking back and realizing what a fad this climate change nonsense was. 90% of folks are herd animals, simply accepting what they read as gospel, without validating​ it for themselves.

    I know it’s heresy to the new pseudo-religion called Climate Change, to talk about this in any mainstream paper even here in Canada , including the Globe, The Star, The Post, and even The Sun, because it makes a lot​ of people rich.

    One readers comments on a press article today sings your praises “Tony Heller’s channel is also an eye-opener. He uses the religion’s own data to discuss what’s really going on. It’s about money and power, as well as the U.N.’s redistribution​ of wealth agenda.”

    You’re gaining traction.

    • Petit_Barde says:

      Malthusians have a lot of influence at the political level and they own a lot of cash to push their agenda :
      – Paul R. Ehrlich (The Population Bomb), one of his disciples, John Holdren (Obama’s science advisor), Ted Turner (founder of CNN, who wants to decimate the population to 350 – 500 millions), Bill Gates, are some of them.

      Hitler was Malthusian :
      – he did not want “sub humans” to waste the Earth’s limited ressources.

      These psychopaths are really dangerous.

  2. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Banksters in the carbon trade: Carbon ring consortium by Rothschild, Blended Finance Taskforce, Ford, Toyota, British Airways, Unilever, BP, HSBC, JP Morgan.

    Then you have the smaller fish like the “King of Wind” from Italy. Getting contracts and funneling them back to the organizers of the sham.

    The even smaller fish (personal experience) like different “secret” groups getting the rights to buy windmill shares first (promised output 90% whatever the wind).

  3. richard says:

    “A Worldwide REBELLION Against Environmental Activists is Beginning!!!”

    Dt Steve TURLEY

  4. rah says:

    One root is the US Government. We the tax payers are paying for these people to produce this junk science and indoctrinate our kids with it. The system for academic grants needs to be completely reworked and IMO cut back considerably.

  5. Noel Herron says:

    Cicero always asked the question Quits Bono! Who benefits! They can’t beat the old USA militarily or economically so they must attack in another way. It’s simple, destroy the economy and your political cohesion, its a war by other means and you have a paid fifth column working within , useful idiots.You must not let this happen The west in general is being attacked but they must destroy the States if they are to succeed .We hear in Britian are under tremendous pressure at the moment and our present political leadership has been completely compromised and bought into this crap ,but the people haven’t . So its follow the money a usual. Keep pounding them Tony, there attacks on you personally are always about discrediting typical Paul Alinsky tactics.
    Ps the reason why I have been following your blog is have been fighting of stock thieves , I have been living in the hills out side for the last 3 nights in a effort to deter these bastards , it also been very cold at 3am just me and my dog.

  6. richard merrill says:

    Yesterday Snopes did a hit piece on tony without using his name, but they did give credence to Berkeley Earth. Hope tony hits back soon!

    • Disillusioned says:

      richard merrill,

      FWIW, that hit piece was published October 3, not yesterday. Tony hit them back on October 5.

      It’s good to repeat these wonderful pieces anyway, so this is not a criticism. Thanks for your post.

    • Wolf at the door says:

      Tony you are so the business!When they use children for propaganda they are scum.
      Follow the money must be the right policy.I bet you could do that also!
      I suspect the Club of Rome.They tie in with WWF and Greenpeace.
      But be careful.

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